where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

duh duh duh - TVs and Bees ...


so - here's what's going through my mind as i sit here waiting for another download to complete...

why does saturday TV suck - unless you really like sports or kids shows? plus there's nothing good on at night - unless you catch some family guy marathon on adult swim or whatever. it's like tv thinks it's ok to take the weekend off - just like everybody else - but this is DUMB!

and what the hell is a talking africanised bee supposed to mean in a frickin allergy commercial?! bees don't make me sneeze! jeeze! and the commercial is racist cuz the bee is talking like he's from colombia. is their product supposed to stop illegal immigration? are they preying on fears of illegal people who fly around in your living room? i don't get it! oh - wait! bees like pollen - ergo: an allergy drug that fights pollen?! - with a bee who looks like - ewwww god - i don't know what he looks like - he sure doesn't look like any bee i've ever seen. and i've seen a lot of bees.

but i think this commercial belies an underlying problem - mainly the end of the world...

which i think might have even been mentioned in the bible... (or one of it's pop-ups)...

well - here's how i see things: the world is going to end, and china's going to eat us - all because we are switching to digital TV in 5 years...

it's bad enough i'll be sitting here in my living room staring at a static-filled TV screen... with some fuckin talking killer bee flying around... there also won't be any food to eat! how am i supposed to watch tv without eating food?! that already sounds like the end of the world.

since 1/4th of the bees in the US are thought to have been killed by disorienting digital cell phone towers, reducing crop pollination and leading to rising food prices, JUST THINK what's going to happen when all our analogue TV stations suddenly switch over to digital!

fuck we'll all be eating dead honey bees!

problem solved - no more allergies!

... but killer bees moving next-door to white people and chinese people eating our dogs!

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