I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

i'm back!

yay! - i conquered the green-eyed internet monster! i am THROUGH with Juno Online! and back online with my old server PeoplePC - which I don't exactly LOVE but it's better and prettier than Juno, and I've been paying for it anyway.

I was unable to load PeoplePC from my home comp, or via wireless - for the longest time. But I found a new way to reach the software download, and now it's all mine - with zee ACCELERAZION! (and other stuff if i want it).

But - last year when my comp was hijacked, PeoplePC was my server - and I suspected that it was also hijacked. (I tried to get them to drop my account so I could start a FRESH one, but they didn't want to - they just changed a few bits of info and gave me three months free - like that EVIL ONE - AOL).

So, I have to be careful again - and will be spending a lot of time making sure everything is secure - and that Juno is banished to hell forever!

Will be spending less time on LJ though - more on eBay etc. Gotta work the green, yo.

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