I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

You Might Have Seen These Already

That Town Shall Settle Hence

In Cannadoo did Kubla Kant
A steaming pressure pot decree:
Where Rock, that scheming river, ran
Rumors to our Kingdom by the sea.
Therein, schools of measured men
Ganged their stares and banged their heavy heads,
Like verdicts o'er walls of cold cement,
And went from room to room, as dead.
I heard it all down here in memory,
The shouts of gloom and, "its your fault,"
Down in my Kingdom by the sea,
Where aer, that sacred urn, burned ire to salt.
In Cannadoo, there passed a soul,
Wee and poor by most assessments,
Who dared the door to show its threshold,
While paupers rushed to nail investments,
__________And fecklers whined, "Yankee, go home!"
To what land sails the lot of your dreams -
You, here, where Kubla reigns, remaining
Lost behind the moon - when one so green
Of you, you pitched full in sod and chaining?
I'll say, my love's like a red, red rose,
That tore its heart from leaves and thee,
And climbed its own sure thorns, and rose
Right up, a kindling fire, dawning by the sea:
Where to dine is not to suffer worm and flies,
Or but to think is not to be full of sorrow.
__________Where Beauty can now keep her lustrous eyes,
__________And new Love pine at them beyond to-morrow.


Lightly went your mother's step
On ground unsettled, state unsound --
Each fall resounded whilst you slept,
Each step -- a bomb-burst underground
Between soft poundings of your heart,
So young, so eager to present
To dad, to land, to prince -- a start
Departing from mean government
And from the madness envy breeds.
Oh, Queen of Hearts, you were our best.
You gave your best when least would lead.
Oh, Country, can our greed not rest
Until beneath each heart we plant
Reminders of hope's sullied past:
Land mine -- beneath each innocent;
Cold back - towards each falling lass;
False camera -- at each faltered light,
Until each step we take mistakes --
And makes our field a futile flight
From grave to grave, no peace, no wake?
No, better than ghouls are we, I pose
And always were, as is our will --
As wisdom tells and royalty knows.
She stood for this, and stands now still
With Churchill, Arthur, Lennon, Yeats
Jackie, Florence, St. Joan, Monroe
And all those felled by worldly hates.
This common class, arising noble
Knows no base, no weight, no bound.
As she prevailed despite sharp fates
For peace, to sleep fast underground,
We'll long outpace morbid mistakes
That hound late heals for merely living;
That rob true hearts of every pounding;
We'll not conceal our goodly giving.
As God is King, let's sing her sounding
To lustful crowd: "Trust." Forgiving,
We'll bring each son to rule abounding
And meet each dream of mother living:
We thank you, Di, for grace astounding!
Forever, grace shall bow redounding.

Fare well, fair dove, fair butterfly.
Rise both, entwined in dawning sky,
Spyred from night, suffering ruined
By heart's infinite walking wound.


I was born the son of a stow-away
Aboard an eastward ship of fools
Making its way to a land called Agree
There I grew as a young pup
Amidst a gang of criminals
Learning every rope for my next sail to sea

Once I was all fed up with hope
I set out on my own to find
A legendary land of the brave and the free
Through many a storm I weathered well
And held the wind in open sail
But never again would I return to Agree

Forward to the promised land
To chart E Pluribus Unum
Carry on the flame
Of your father's choice to see
In the dark of desert night
And in the blight of solitude
Keep it steady in your sight
The way to Agree

Now my life is almost gone
And every trick is old to me
Never have I found out the brave or the free
But I hang upon each tongue of wind
As if to taste the sea again
When I'm buried in these sands
I'll return to Agree

Forward to the promised land
And through the mass confusion
Harbour the flame
Of your father's will to be
In the silent desert night
And in the heart of multitudes
You've opened up another route
On your way to Agree

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