where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

i suck

I have come to the conclusion that i suck.

I didn't make the "most beautiful people" list.

And it's because I suck.

I suck in everything I do - not only the small things - I suck at all the big things.

Anyone who has ever met me will tell you I suck.

I walk down the street and everyone looks at me like I suck.

I want to suck everything I see - lamp-posts, little bald black boy's heads, car headlights - anything.  Because I suck in every way.

I can't be hurt by a tornado because I would also suck it.

I want to become more god-like so I even want to suck the entire universe.

And the whole universe thinks I suck.

I smell.  I have bodilly fluids.  I can't fuckin figure out WinAmp.  I've never even been to Maine.

I supported Al Gore and John Kerry.

Is it not obvious?  Avoid me - for verilly I suck big-time.

And I just broke up with a girl who reminded me of Drew Barrymore - how bad is that?

Why do I continue to live?  -  It's some twisted prank.  -  I must be Satan.

No - at least he gets PR.

No - I'm just a little fucking sucky thing like a mole or a grub or something irritating you under your armpit.

Please forgive me for bothering you but I just thought you should know that I suck.
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