I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

can you help me? - well, i mean, you know...

i'm trying to find a way to convert MP3 files to wave files (and maybe back again) - do you know a freebie programme to do this?

i have latest versions of media player, real player, sonic, winamp dot dot dot - but haint found no fricken way to do it

also - would geocities be a nice source for loading media files to LJ posts? - i had yousendit and some other stuff but that became frustrating

more news! - i am going crazy on salad.  i got these two HUGE bags of fresh lettuce.  i gave most of one to my dog.  i have been eating the other one all day and loving it!

notes - 

olive oil on salads? - always!

pepper? - always!

onions - mmmm

vinegar? - no, not really good for you - substitute with lemon juice!

black olives? - yes - but gotta have TASTE!

cheese? - always! - feta or cheddar!

walnuts? - nice if you got em!

fingernail clippings? - i advise against this

and please avoid grain stuff from china god damn it

ok - iran may have bombability by 2010 - yay - a new enemy - just in time for the election - and the end of the world in 2012

speaking of which - 2012 - high point of sun spot cycle (global warming), and some meteor will hit us or whatever

ok - look - i am getting really pissed about food from china

do you know something? - back near the end of the 19th century there was a huge debate in this country about whether we should get more involved in international trade - some said it would eventually destroy our freedoms - i think it has

sure - it has reduced prices in the short term and made us the greatest superpower in the short term - but we sold out - and now the downfall is inevitable - we are too far gone

we gave up on values of self-sufficiency long ago - and this is now a completely different country - all we have left are libertines and fundamentalists

welcome to jericho

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