where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

mmmmm - i luv vONIONz!

even radio shack doesn't know why it's still in business - http://feeds.theonion.com/~r/theonion/weekly/~3/111196453/60924

cheney celebrates earth day by breathing oxygen - http://feeds.theonion.com/~r/theonion/weekly/~3/111196456/60933

anti-psychotics reduce sex-drive - http://feeds.theonion.com/~r/theonion/weekly/~3/111196454/60926

long talk seems to satisfy girlfriend (audio) - http://feeds.theonion.com/~r/theonion/weekly/~3/111196455/60932

ONION PERSONALS! - http://personals.theonion.com/

illegal immigrants returning to mexico for american jobs - http://www.theonion.com/content/node/47978

american robot's job outsourced to foreign robot - http://www.theonion.com/content/node/30735

hershey's ordered to pay obese americans $135 billion - http://www.theonion.com/content/node/28407

(ps - i just asked the onion if they want to hire me - this is the beginning of a long slow process....)

15 THINGS KURT VONNEGUT SAID BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! - http://www.avclub.com/content/node/60935
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