I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


i have been thinking about a certain kind of people and a habit they have

there's prolly a lot of this kind of people - but i try to stay away from most evil people - and my memory disappeared once when i was tie-dying some shirts

so only three come to mind - but they certainly stand out

these are what i call inserters

when they are talking to you, and their friends are around, they will stand in between you and their friends so they have total control over your conversation

or, if you are both talking to someone else, they will insert themselves between you and the other person so they get all the attention

i believe this is merely an extension of some bad habits a lot of people have, who are not crass enough to actually go so far as to physically insert themselves between you and someone else

these are machiavellian people who seem to be in a constant struggle for dominance - in trivial pursuits

and don't know a hell a lot about class, finesse, or democracy

i tell you this because i have learnt - AVOID PEOPLE WHO INSERT

of the three inserters i have in mind, two of them threatenned to kill me, and one actually tried

i discovered that inserters all seem to have a lot of other characteristics in common

- they are in perpetual fear and worry

- they talk and talk to impress and get attention

- they lie

- they are territorial

- they never really get far in their lives

- they believe themselves to have sincere values, but this is more talk

- they demand respect, but they don't give commeasurate respect

- they also tend to whine a lot and seek sympathy

the main thing is - you can save a lot of time by recognising inserting behaviour, and so avoid further association with these people

because they would kill you if they thought it right and could get away with it

peace be with you

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