"a killing field for hypotheses" (madman101) wrote,
"a killing field for hypotheses"

a normal day for you - an heroic act for me

i am finally starting to get things done

extremely tired today - but did everything to fight it and push myself - which is rare when i can do that

for one thing, i went to the bank and fought those buggers who illegally charged my debit card - if you want to know about this iternet scam by SHOPPERSDISCOUNT, go back some entries and read all about them in my journal

whatever you do - don't ever click a pop-up telling you you can save $10 on your order! - this bug is everywhere, even in the "safest" sites like ebay and amazon.com - it steals your card info and proceeds to charge you $10 a month for 10 months

at my fricken CHASE bank, depite my being so tired, service was actually decent this time - why? - because i didn't talk to higher-up personal banker assholes, just normal black people

and omfg - the girl's nails were like lobster claws with works by michaelangelo painted all over them

i also got an oil change and air filter - ended up paying twice as much as the coupon promised, but they found that i had a bad transmission fluid leak, so this is useful information

went to the library but couldn't use computers, so quickly did a few bills - and later went to the PO on the amazing thouroughfare, Harrison Avenue, ha ha -  & i also delivered some mail to a family member

went to walmarts and got vitamins and some needed foodstuffs - like those pretzels in the big plastic pickle jars - omg - those jars are so great to have around!

and say what you like about walmart's and their crappy chicken - but they have the best vegetable juice and bean & cheese burritos i have bought anywhere

i spent a lot of money today - but i found i had more money than i thought - and this is all because i haven't been paying some bills - if you ever need some extra money, i highly suggest not paying your bills - but i'll be able to deal with this because i can sell stuff on ebay real quick

i also found out i can replace my shattered front windshield for only $168.00 - in an hour! - so i'm doing this tomorrow

other car probs will have to wait till next month

still so very tired but beer is now helping with that - and some greatly appreciated herring fillets

i just wish i had someone around who could be proud of me

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