I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I have a few good newses to report soon.  BUT...

Right now I want to warn you of a widespread web scam that just bit me in the BUTT.  

It will prolly hit you too, and might already have - so you need to know what to do to hopefully avoid it, and what to do if it hits you.  It can cost you hundreds of dollars if you don't act.

Tonight I found this charge on my credit card: POS DEBIT WLI*SHOPPERDISCOUNT (##########) CT.  It will be charged monthly for 10 months = $100.  It happened because I bought flowers online, I believe.  But it can come through any purchase you make online - via eBay, Amazon.com, and hundreds of other "safe" sites.  If it hits you twice - then that will cost you $200, ETC.!  And just this immediate $10 charge that hit me threatens to overdraft my careffully watched checking account.

What happens is: When you try to make a credit card purchase online, a special dicount offer pops up and you click it, thinking it is part of the site.  But it isn't - it comes through doubleclick.com - a phishing cookie that is EVERYWHERE, and very difficult to get rid of.  Even if you have securities up, it can come in immediately as soon as your guard is vulnerable.  Do everything to remove and prevent this cookie!  The "WLI*SHOPPERDISCOUNT" site uses double click to come in through the pop up, and then gathers your credit account info, and charges you!

I am not sure - but there might also be a subsequent pop-up - it could be days later - a little tiny box showing a shopping cart, that says "drop" which only allows you to "x" it away - but this might actually be something getting your permission for the charge.  However - i might be wrong about this - this little box might only be some cashe-drop thingie which comes along with one of my new utilities.  (I'd like to know if you know what this is???)

OK - Here's the big fat skinny on the scam - (safe link) - PLEASE READ THIS: http://www.tempsensor.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=262

And here's further - (safe link): adam.rossi-kessel.org 

CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD ACTIVITY NOW to see if you received these charges!  If so, go to your bank and have the charges removed and prevent the company from making any further charges.  This will NOT affect your eBay, Amazon.com, etc., activity.  AND - print out the info from the links I gave you and take them to the bank with you - or else provide the links to your personal banker.

This is such a WIDESPREAD scam, it is sure to become a national news story.

And you were there!

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