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Posted on 2007.03.03 at 06:05


shahman at 2007-03-03 16:47 (UTC) (Lien)
Like most people, I am mixed on this. Pragmatic part says, "BULLSHIT." But the superstitious, spiritual part says, there is something to this. Living your life preparing for the end of...what? Life on earth? Humanity? What exactly happens?

I am pretty sure there is more to existence than the finite number of years we live, and the accumulation of love and possessions. Course, the pragmatic individual in me says, "Still, don't go out of your way rebelling against it." Thus, there is conflict. Living for now, and believing (or hoping?) for something else. I think everyone faces that conflict. Some people choose to dismiss one side so they can focus entirely on the other. "There is no god/afterlife, so I might as well make money and fuck all I can and live in the here-and-now." OR "There is a God, and sooner I get to the Afterlife, sooner I get away from this shithole. Give me my 72 virgins..."

Problem is, life can be explained, beyond it, remains something of a mystery (if there is anything). I hate making that assumption. End of days is like, everyone, pack up your bags. Just another Armageddon forecast which predates the rest and ties into climate events, rather then typical war/famine/disease. In both cases, you have people dying.

I remember a few doomsdays we went through. Woke up, nothing happened. Does that mean nothing will happen on the Mayan one? I'll be 35, and depending on what day, I might have to work. If it gets me out of it, that's just fine.
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