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* - galaxy

Irish punk and ska Ska SKA !!!

Posted on 2006.07.23 at 17:12
here's some stuff i wrote to erin and i thougt hey other's might benefit fmr this musically speaking

so hey'all dot dot dot ...


ABOUT DROPKICK MURPHY'S CD SING LOUD SING PROUD...: the songs have many UK/US punk influences. mostly sex pistols, clash, and stuff i can't put my finger on

the songs aren't too melodic, but have more scots/irish folk influences than pogues or flogging molly, and more group singing

i want to make a mix now

omg - they are singing an irish rovers song! yay!

well - i can tell you now - you will prolly like these folks too...

irish rovers - traditional

elvis costello - some irish rovers and pogues influence, but mainly poppy romantic and new wave punk - rarely irish

tannehill weavers - traditional/alternative mostly scots

the battlefield band - high power irish traditional

clannad - mellow scots traditional/new age, heavy on ballads

pogues - first and best irish punk/taditional

flogging molly - irish, similar to pogues, with weaker lyrics, but it's own great style, with big "pirate" and cajun influences - EXTRA SPECIAL NOTE!  FLOGGING MOLLEH HAS A NEW CD OUT......
Flogging Molly
Punk / Rock / Folk Rock
Los Angeles, CA

Listen to Flogging Molly's new CD Whiskey on a Sunday, featuring 10 new recordings and a 90-minute DVD, out 7/25. Exclusively on Myspace Music! » Listen Now

no one would associate natalie macmasters with flogging molly, but she does some great scots fiddling from nova scotia - a place where celtic music survives in it's own right, and a place ("acadia") where cajun music originated

the pixies - from boston - not irish at all, but crazy fun and powrful alternative/punk, who also spawned two of my other fav bands: belly, and the throwing muses

i just KNOW you will get into ska one day. ska came from r&b and jamaican music, and it also lead to reggae. jamaican music has a heavy irish (pirate) influence which almost no one knows

big country - old scots rock band, inspiring and high-energy

the proclaimers - 80's/90's rock band - 2 brothers from scotland 


RANDOM: i know for a fact that siouxsie/etc. are IN now, esp. w/ punky/gothy/liberalish girls. i like her but not CRAZY about her. and the cure has never really faded completely out, since they are a cornerstone of poppy goth, like morrissey. i am a BIG cure fan. but echo/etc. are WAY out - like - i'm wondering if they ever really existed - that's how out they are

oh yeah - the pixies are sooooo uppety! well then - i sure hope yo can check those other two bands from pixies - belly is extinct but their recent greatest hits was very popular (considering) - and the muses really are tight rockers, except for their later stuff which really sucks

SKA!  YAY!... - there are millions of ska bands out there. they are like bug larva underground waiting for the next wave of ska popularity - ska does that

but no doubt and sublime (buddies from aneheim) are extremely popular - even though sublime doesn't exist anymore - largely cuz they appeal to rock and pop audiences. i think gwen stefani's hubby is the main singer of bush

i have heard of reel big fish for sure - they are a good ska band - but never heard of the other one. two other good modern ska bands are less than jake and the circle jerks. also the skatalites. and you'd prolly like the rxBandits who have a bit of a loud metal sound, but some of their stuff is repetative and boring to me.

i have two big box sets of ska music - although they don't have much new stuff and they should. ttots and the maytols(sp?) was an early one - oh god there are so many old ones. but my FAV of all time is The English Beat - i actaully burnt an extra cd of theirs which i don't need - but i can't send via email now - nothign i try is working.  anyway, the (english) BEAT isn't pure ska, but more mellow punk with reggae and african influences, but it's called a ska band, and it has the GREATEST horns. hey also went on to form another of my favs - general public - and the fine young cannibals. a central ska band from that time was the Specials, and they happen to be very ppular now too. now defunct, they also went on to form various other decendants.

hey look! - http://www.users.cloud9.net/~dab/ska.html

oh - another cute ska band that was really quirky and had other weird influences was camper van beethoven. i really like them, and their main singer became popular last year (?) but i forgot the band

all 4 now and now 4 all...



_77_lied at 2006-07-24 00:29 (UTC) (Lien)
i know just about all the bands you mentioned.
i love the pixies but my boyfriends gross/bitchy/ugly/extremley stupid ex girlfriend likes them so i feel kind of regretful when listing to them but just for fun his ex-girlfriend:
the one with brown hair

anyhow,the english beat played a festival thingy in chicago in june somtime, i was going to go but was much to tired after seeing the aggrolites ,since i have this thing where if i stand for 10 minutes by back starts to kill.the aggorlites were playing with the aquabats but we left before they came on but i guess during their song pool party a kid jumped off the belcony( i can't spell and it was at the metro)but apperently the english beat were said to not be any good. but you should definatley check out the band mass. hysteria great ska band songs about love and all they also have a few dub songs on both of their cd's

i never likes siouxsie, the music was too artsy and depressing genric 80's goth for me.

the toy dolls actully covered the proclaimers song 500 miles or whatever it's called, its a pretty fun and different cover and i enjoy it.

i'm not into much poppy-ish ska though i'm more about prince buster, desmond dekker, the specials and stuff, more 1st and 2nd wave stuff some 3rd wave stuffis alright like the toasters and i enjoy rude bones because i think they're one of the only true punk ska band out there
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2006-07-24 01:07 (UTC) (Lien)
hey girl

sorry i've been outta touch for a while cuz you were always one of my favs

well - exgirlfriends always suck that's why they're ex

but the pixies and their spin-offs are really awesome so get comfortable again yo

i'm glad you're into th first two waves of ska. some third wave is a lot of american rip-offs of old sounds mixed with rock - and sometimes they just do that cuz they suck at being rock musicians. they don't have the full sound or feeling of real ska. BUT - there's so many new bands that there's also a lot of competition too, so there are some pretty good new ones that rise up.

well - the english beat now isn't the same band it originally was. i know special beat or beat service or whatever was touring australia recently. there's two spin-offs now trying to be the real english beat - which was great in concert. but i really like general public a lot - esp. "rub it better" (1995) produced by jerry harrison from talking heads. but i dunno if they did anything after that. (i can say i do like a lot of powerful hip-hoppy dance stuff that does the reggae-rap (ranking roger) type stuff - which i hear sometimes in the hood - but also on some chg stations).

it's also cool you like desmond dekker - i wish i had a better collection of that stuff - even though i have a lot of early ska, it never seems enough or something. i can't find the power of the beat or the specials in that stuff. but some irish punk has it now. (the pogues "if i should fall from grace with god" 1988 had one or two ska type songs and one with amazing horns w/ a spanish feel - one of the best albums ever)

i'm wondering - since sublime and no doubt came out of aneheim at the same time - if maybe more ska groups came out of there

well - i bet the guy who jumped out of the balcony (sp?!) had a worse backache than you. but that's too bad about your back - cuz you are such a concert girl - maybe that's what made it bad (!) - but there aren't too many days when i'd feel up to standing so long either, since i have cfs

i've heard of mass hysteria - maybe even from you - but i def. eed to check them out. thanks!

and i pretty much agree about the artsy thing with siouxxie and the b's and i never spell that right damn them
_77_lied at 2006-07-24 01:41 (UTC) (Lien)
ahah yeah but apprently the person who jumped off of the balcony (sp?!?!?) ahah didn't get hurt at all, just arrested ahaha, but if you want to email me with you address i can mail you a burnt copy of their 2 cd's i guess they're supposed to be coming out with some new songs and my boyfriend who got me into them heard one of the new songs and said it isn't that good plus some band members had left recently so the new song didn't include them.but my email is x13xrancidx13@sbcglobal.net just email me with you address and i'll send em to ya cause they're just amazing for a ska band now n days plus they have a female singer who isn't whiney which is pretty uncommon now n days as well. another band or two you should check out if you haven't already ar ethe exploding heart and the pink spiders, they're both power pop bands the exploding hearts are awsome , but unfortently died in 2003 when their careers started to really take off.one of their songs was actully written about the drummer from the donnas cause i forget who, but either their bassist or guitarist was obsessed with her and thy're definatley one of my favorite bands of all time. now the pink spiders are a power pop band with a modern twist a kind of whiney singer but altogether even with their singer their music is very enjoyable and like the exploding hearts and mass. hysteria they put out one of those albums that you can listen to all the way through and all the songs will be equally enjoyable. and if you ahven't heard of either of those band too, i'll just have to burn you their cd's aswell
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2006-07-24 01:55 (UTC) (Lien)
hey - hell yah - that would be so fab - thanks!

i always had this deep down inner sense that you were an awesome person

well - i haint never heard of them other two - heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyah

well - i'm a hearin no doubt doing prolly their most classically ska song "paulina" so sweet - but - even though i love no doubt - i have always thought what they did was take one pop ska (or disco) song and change into something dif of their own - so i always consider them second rate even though they are one of my favs. well - i have all of their cd's and stefani's - if you want any

thing is i haven't been able to email music or go via you-send-it or ripway. i need to spend a day debugging my computer manually - but i'd love to send you stuff - like my ska box sets or i can also send burnt cds easier

so yeah thanks - i'll email you

take care of the spine from hell
_77_lied at 2006-07-24 02:08 (UTC) (Lien)
yeah that'd be pretty cool no hurry though, whenever you computer is fine then you can mention a few bands to me that you think are good and if i haven't heard of them then just send me a burnt cd or 2
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2006-07-24 12:19 (UTC) (Lien)
i emailed you - I DID!

anything else besides ska? i don't have a gigantic collection of cds - cuz i try not to spend $$$ except on drugs and prostitutes - so i might just see what else i have for ya - i def. should send you the box sets - although you might already have one i dunno
sexypinkpanda at 2006-07-26 00:42 (UTC) (Lien)


Hi I added you on my other LJ its Flamable_socks

XD add me back ?
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2006-07-26 09:31 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: Hey

oh babe i did that light years ago today
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