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Lucky Moi

Eh - uh - so had one of those, "everything is gonna be alright" days.

Went to PetSmart. Again, someone honking at me. I don't know why people honk. I never can tell where it is coming from - and - shazam - I'm already gone...

But I left the bag of dog food outside my car and drove fucking away.... la la la...

Went to CV. I didn't think I looked great, but apparently people thought otherwise. (All I did was a few excercises to PREPARE to work outside, and I am suddenly the incredible Hulk. I can explain why this happens - later...). Only thing that happened: Some cute girl with a co-worker, "Hey, is that a DOG on top of that van?" I go, "Yes, that's mine. And there's a dog IN the van, too." She and her friend didn't say more - no, "It's cute," or anything. BECAUSE THEY'RE THINKING I'M GAY. Well, she talks to some dude in a black cowboy hat, and I'm thinking - so why isn't THAT gay?

I bought a big black cowboy hat from a Marzoratti dude, related to Jodi Benson, who did the singing voice on, "The Little Mermaid." It was way to huge for a wee guy like me. But last Halloween, I heard Stacey (B&N) was going to be dressing as a witch. SO, I go into B&N dressed all in black, with this gigantic cowboy hat on, and she's there with this huge witch's hat on. And we both look incredibly ridiculous talking to each other. But I say, "God. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!" And, my friends, she did look gorgeous. And that night, I sent her a rose. Just because I'm so fucked up. Anyway, I've always wanted a black "Maverick" hat, but never found one I like yet... Maverick is the coolest...

And, at SB, two of the waitresses make a point to smile at me. I guess I play well there...

But, I go back to PetSmart and ask the art boy, who is twelve times taller than me, if he found my bag of dog food. He looks around. "No." But I go inside and get two more cans, but my bag is waiting for me - so - cool. And I show it to the cart boy, and he goes, "Ha! You lucked out!" For, indeed, my friends, I lucked out...

And then I buy some beer, ad then take my dog for a walk at Sinnissippi. Some old lady, "Excuse me!" She's actually yelling form the parking lot. "Excuse me, what kind of dog is that?" I go, "It's a black and white dog." Then we talk about beautiful Husky's, which, in fact, my friends, are a royal pain in the ass...

Anyway - I find this dual-suspension mountain bike in the river, (at least a $500 bike), and bring it back to my car. For this is the reason I have such a car. I have hauled everything imaginable, things I just find. Once I found two HUGE dresser things and I put one inside and strapped the other to the top. I found an other mountain bike last year, (girl's), and I bought a mountain bike already - so I have three. I thought of just giving THIS bike to a neighbor kid, but it might be big enough for me. It's a hell of a bike.

I'll save the girl's bike for Kris...

Boo hoo...

It'll be alright...

Oh - good news for internet freaks:

1 - The Spyware guy is being shut down by the government. Stupid fuck didn't have enough sense to operate from Belize.

2 - Phone companies SAY - now that regulations are out of the way, they can install fiber-optic cables to replace their copper cables... meaning high-speed dial-up in the future. How they're going to pay for this is not certain. Other countries usually get government help for such things.

People who walk slow really drive me up the wall!

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