I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

this is for YOU - (public post)

this is to an old friend
at least i'll always think of you that way
the other day
i thought of you - pretty  deep
and i put two and two together
and i thought maybe you thought of me too
yes i am still here
i have always missed you - you know that
there were some kind of changes going on with you
that i felt too far away to be worthy
of talking about
i could guess
you became a cleptomaniac - ha ha
what was that about
i didn't know if good things or bad things
were on their way for you
if they were bad things, i didn't want to help them along
if they were good things, i didn't want to spoil the fun
you looked in the bathroom mirror
and then you disappeared
you had the regular griefs and worries
and thinks too much
that always made me like you more
but there was more
and there was more
and i was a fool to not be there for you
when i promised i would
what am i anyway - a lost outsider
what was i to you
another admirer - which you were finding
you had enough of
i loved you like a brother
with a teaspoon of lover
and maybe like a father
and possibly a girlfriend
you have a class and a sweet selfishness
a naivite and a hope
that will stay with me always
but i am just another
and you were in a finely crafted
emo-tilted dream
i didn't mean to intrude
sorry for that
but i know my shadow falls there still
in waking hours
at the library
move on i guess i said
our paths weren't meant to mix
like oil and water
perhaps the finest vinaigrette...
but mixed up just the same
requiring a lot of shaking
well anyway
i went to your world today
love love love love
and i was happy to see you there
my girl i'm still so proud of
so sad to confuse
in wanting the best for you
and she is happy too
she left her shadow there and ran
wanting to talk sweetly with you
and now i see you changed the orientation
and this makes me smile 
honest to yourself
may love always fall on you
like a comforting shadow in the scorching sun
all your silly days
and grace be forever yours
and smile
it is your fine defense
i meant no harm
only missed you
take care


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