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"Shut your fuckin' face, Uncle Fucker!"

I am a turtleneck sweater. Try me on, baby.

God, I'm so glad last night is over.

Well, Foamy has apparently taken over, or something. There is a Cult of Foamy among squirrels. Around the country, squirrels are jumping into rivers, and dying there. By the hundreds. No one can figure it out. Squirrels are good at planning, etc. Are they seeing some future we don't see? Will the world end by fire or by ice? Nuts.

My favorite G. Harrison song: "What is the life?" and "Wa Wa" - I can't decide.

Last I checked, the two JNL girls I asked out recently have stopped journalising. I guess they're afraid I'll do it again.

I've read this line three times in friend's JNLs, and read the same sentiment in just about every JNL: "Who are you to judge me?!" I wonder who they are who are judging them. I know this isn't true of most friends, but I wonder if people who say that are often the same people who judge others. This is merely hypothesis. I know that when I don't like something about someone else, and I imagine that I have those same qualities, I sometimes find it is MYSELF I am having the problem with. So I regularly give this advice to people who come down on me for no apparent reason, "Look in the mirror." Again, though, I know that friends come here to get away from wrong judgement that REALLY DOES exist out there. I would rather support them. I don't feel like blaming anyone for anything. I want to go to a land where this is possible 24/7.

I AM a mirror. I hate it!

Spent all day yesterday, it seems, looking for a certain someone's phone #. All I found was Courtney's.

I am reminded of yesterday at Taco Bell. Some dude was looking at me again. I guess he's gay. He made my 7-layer burrito twice as big as usual. I wonder if this is a phalic symbol.

I'm finally taking my dog for a walk. She has been too difficult lately. "Contrary." This happens a few times a year. And I'll go sit at CVs SB and imagine I am a movie star.

There goes the sun...



"Here come's the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon, the moo-oo-oon..."

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