I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

damn me to hell, k?


I have been alone in the hoose for i dunno - two weeks now?  Of course, I have my dog, but she doesn't really care about people.  I done told her that this morning when I stubbed my toe on my way to let her outside, and she just kept heading for the back door.

The past 4 days - bout there - I have had a dislocated shoulder or something - and it hurt like a fathermucker.  I couldn't move my arm.  Plus I had a one-tonne migraine that insisted on staying until the shoulder thing was gone.  Pain.

And I was bumped off the internet for days because we lost our phones.  Why?  Cuz of some garage fire.  But I didn't know this was the reason until the cop lady knocked on my door the other night.  Why did a cop lady knock on my door?  Well, to ask me about the shooting that had just happened next door.  Some LOUD serious gunshots.  I went to check it out but figured I should stay behind a wall or something since bullets were flying out in the street.  A woman and her daughter were shot by gang members.  And I couldn't call the police right then cuz - uh - no phone.  So the cop lady's talking to me at our front door and gand members are all pissed about it.  Maybe the police decided to searc the house based on me merely saying, "It seems like whoever moves into that house, there's always trouble."  And yeah, cuz it was a crack house a few years ago, and one guy was shot and killed.  But they played really good music though.

Isn't life funny.

Sorry I haven't been around, once again.

Dat be life in da ghetto yo.

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