You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

can you relate?

I found this profile on MySpace.  I thought it was great, esp. the boyfriend part. -B

Life was hard for me growing up, I've lived through so much stuff, people couldn't even imagine. It made me a better and stronger person in the long run... Im looking for nothing, Im letting life go with the flow. The people Im close with I love, I'd do anything to keep them happy. I hold a speacial place for them in my heart. I view life differently than most people, and I could talk about it for hours. lol. But, I dont mind what people think of me, I just want to live life so Im happy and Im making other people I care about happy too. =D

♥ I DONT live in California, so if you're just trying to hook up with me cause u think Im close. IM NOT, please get it through your THICK heads =D thnx

♥ I like to have fun, but I don't drink or smoke by myself...

♥ I'm kinda girly (minus -) all the Drama

♥ I HATE drama, so if you bring me it, I'll delete you, just don't need it

♥ I'm really forward, so Im going to tell you the truth...and other stuff

♥ I dont lie, so dont lie to me, cause if you do I'll hate you :-)

♥ Im not conceited I just know what I got and what I want


♥ Im a HUGE movie person, so get use to me talking about it

♥ I post bulletins, and I expect you too read them dont like it, dont add me

♥ Im a little different, but that never stopped anyone from being my friend
♥ I dont lable myself, I am who I am, so please don't go and do it for me
♥ I had a tough life when I was younger, so Im kinda thick headed.
♥ I wont say sorry unless I mean it
♥ I have fallen in love, and have gotten my heart riped out...I bet mine was worse than yours so dont act like a baby about it. Suck it up...but If you're my friend dont pay any attention to this one lol
♥ I have different personalities...bitch you better LOVE every single one.
♥ I so Control the world so bow down to me...haha jk jk
♥ I love music, Im really random, I hate being bord, I hate prude people, liers, and back stabbers. Im totally fun to hang out with.

Who I'd like to meet:
Okay yeah I'm sure you've heard this a lot but he is totaly is One in a Billion!
He's the kinda guy that could make you laugh really hard, when you were having the worse day of your life
I think about him 24/7 and I love it but hate it at the same time, for every second Im awake I wish I was with him
When I sleep I dream about him, hehe (I am sooo not giving details)
When I talk to him I feel as if I'm talking to my bestfriend, and someone that I love so deeply sometimes I wonder if he's real
He's so perfect, I could never be mad at him, and it always works towards his advantage lol
He says the perfect things, things that will repeat and stick in your head even weeks from when he told you it
He's the man you hear of in fairy tales and wish that you were the princess by his side
He has the biggest heart I've ever seen, but is really good at hiding "juicy" feeling aha
When I have to stop talking to him I get sad, I wish I could just be with him forever
He makes me feel whole, and if I ever lost him, most of me would leave, so I felt empty inside
I love how I can read him
He can be serious and funny at the same time
When ever he says that he doesnt know if it could work, it makes me feel like my heart is getting torn outta my chest, but he always ends up staying (cause he rocks like that)
I love to make him happy, It's the greatest feeling
Whenever he want's something outta me, it's so much easier to do, because i know im doing it for him!
One second he can be so sweet then the next second he's forceful and OMFG it turns me on sooo much haha
He's the hottest mother fucker you'll ever meet, kinky, sexy, and just the guy you'd lock in your bedroom just to know he's there to fuck whenever you want lol :-D
I'd do anything for him, just to see him smile, I'd never let anyone hurt him, I love him so much! and that is "some" of the reason why he's better than all you! hehe
Yes, I really got him, close to my heart, in my mind, and even in the dark ;-) hehe
♥ I love the way he talks to me,
I love the way he makes me call him daddy,
God he's so hott!
Mmm I think it's such a turn on when he is forcefull with me but I LOVE when he's sweet to me.
WHen he calls me Baby girl it makes me melt inside
I love when he's gental with his words and trys to make me feel better
I Love when he rewards me
I Love him to death and I'd do ANYTHING to make him totally mine
I love how he's so kinky
When he talks to me like i mean the world to him, it just makes me love him even more
I love what he wants to turn me into
I'd do anything to make him happy
I'd go to the end of the world for him and back, I'd do anything to prove my love (god i hope i dont sound like Shakespear) for him, I'll always be here for whatever he needs, and whatever he wants Ill be game.
He's the man of my dreams and I never want to let him go


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