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and all i gotta do is act naturally - dwang dwang dwang

Posted on 2006.05.27 at 16:56
Hey - I bought a third new tire!  I needed a balding one to be replaced anyway.  And someone just gave me $200.  So I also bought a new wheel for the new tire.  Now the old tire and it's wheel is in my car as a spare, meaning I now have two spares!  And I had the new tire put on the right side, so there'd be less of a chance it'll get slashed.  Just trying to keep ahead of the chaos.

While I was in the tire shop, some woman and (I think) her daughter came in.  I later came in for a coffee and I read, and I sat nearby the girl.  She was pretty cute in a girly way.  And she found me attractive, but she was shy, and also too young.  So no big deal.  But she sat there reading shyly - and she started to remind me of Erin.  Yes Erin, You!  And then I began to think she was of the Irish persuasion.  Well, I was proven right, because as they were leaving, the girl pointed at the sticker on my car that says, "Erin Go Bragh!", and they both started smiling and laughing.  That was special.

Then I got some dog food and talked to my freind the old black lady there.  Turns out she has FMS, so we talked about that while other customers became impatient.

Then a severe thunderstorm hit, but it wasn't severe enough for my tastes.  My gardener never mowed the lot cuz he was at a funeral, and now it's too wet.

Ashley's at a wedding in Louisiana.  I listened to a Beatles CD today which I decided I MUST burn for her.  Beatles rock forever!

Now I'm eating the remains of last night's pizza and feeing very sexually yummy.  Er!  I hate when that happens!

Oh - the black girls are eyeing me in the hood again.  Which is good because now the guys can't beat me up or else the girls will yell at them.


erinsrevenge at 2006-05-28 02:01 (UTC) (Lien)
Hahah I LOVE the Erin story. I actually do kind of do that in a way - shyly reading and stuff.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2006-06-01 17:38 (UTC) (Lien)
I totally knew that somehow! and little do these guys know that you listen to the wildest craziest insanest music ever created!
erinsrevenge at 2006-06-01 21:49 (UTC) (Lien)
Haha it is insane! People have no idea about what music I listen to. I think it's because of the stereotype that I don't dress a certain way for the music I listen to. One time someone asked me what I was listening to, and I said Alien Sex Fiend, and they were like "what?". People assume that I listen to like stupid middle school angst music, which I don't! hahah.
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