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Posted on 2006.03.08 at 08:02

- damn all that resizing screwed up the literature


sphynxlike at 2006-03-08 15:12 (UTC) (Lien)
aha yeah we are a literary bunch. yay for being irish :)
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2006-03-08 15:19 (UTC) (Lien)
WooHoo! Sphynx is Irish! I'm going to start an Irish club righ here! You know we originated from Egyptian royalty, right? Oh yeah!

And it's amazing how many Irish women like seeing their men in knickers.
sphynxlike at 2006-03-09 01:34 (UTC) (Lien)
damn straight, anything associated with irish women is hot as hell by association XD
erinsrevenge at 2006-03-09 01:56 (UTC) (Lien)
yes! a similar poster is in my drivers ed room.
Irish people rock.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2006-03-09 02:10 (UTC) (Lien)
Hurrah! The world would be naught without us. We are the magical glue that keeps humanity from flying off in every different direction. We are the flag-bearers of the never-ending journey westward into the imagination and wonder and holy spirit.

Jesus came from Galilee, westward of India, and the Church of Ireland saved mankind from falling back into that rueful Slough of Despond, self-pity or defeat.

And they did it all with alcohol.
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