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Odd. I've been thinking about Andrea constantly since last night. Is it the psychic thing?

And I've come to consider an alternate view.

I am thinking that Andrea POSSIBLY really liked me, and was just too afraid to flirt with me. That would explain a lot of things. Like the time I drove up, and she was all dressed green, and I stopped my car a bit back, waiting for the person ahead of me to finish. I kept back just because I thought she was afraid of me, PERIOD. So, since she just couldn't figure out if I liked her or not, she attributed this to me not liking her. And she disappeared from the window all of the sudden. And that's when Kevin came out all terse and brusk. I had no idea why was being that way. Now it makes sense. Guys are such morons, I guess. ::points to chest, as heart consumes his finger, arm, and entire body::

Well, I came to the ERC to get a lot done, including writing a letter to Andrea to post elsewhere. Maybe I'll write that later.

Anyway, Andrea. I did "like" you. You might have overheard me talking to my Aunt. Of course, I didn't mean it. If we haven't talked, then neither of us really knows where the other is coming from. So.

Yes, my stffed husky is atop my car, and I guess I am no longer Panda Guy.

If Carrie is here, maybe I'll show her a JNL entry or two - esp. "On The Joys Of Being A Fuck-Up".

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