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Diurnal Discharge

I'm at the library. I have to send in forms to the bureaucracies who just don't seem to understand me. I'll send in my late charitable org. annual report to the state, mostly filled up with zero zero zero. I realised that if I were to dissolve the org. myself, then I could probably get the next-door lot for myself, since my org. owes me $2000.

The Department of Educ. wants me to file a whole new application for discharge, even though I was ACCEPTED for discharge. So, I'm not going easy. I'm telling them to EXPLAIN, before I file again, and end up going through the same BS again!!!!!!!!

I stopped in at Octane InterLounge. (All downtown establishments seem to be obsessed with choosing dorky names for themselves). I stepped in there once before, looking for a woman who had said she would help me with my park. I was quite impressed by her snotty attitude, and in fact, the snotty attitude all around Octane. I mean, get real, kids, you're DOWNTOWN! Well, Octane has a fair assortment of beers. I got a large coffee to go, which is actually the size of a Meg's Tall ($1.56) or a SB/BN Grande ($1.73), and it cost me $2.17!!!!!!! That means their bottles of beer are probably $5 each. Oooooh! I so WANT to be a part of Octane! Maybe the homeless people downtown are all former Octane customers...

I think I'll be mounting my big Husky doll on top of my car - and please don't read that the wrong way. It needs to be done, and what better time than on the day of the final debate?

That's about all I have to say, except it really is amazing how many of my JNL friends are gay-friendly.

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