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just some more irrelevant blah blah blah to be swallowed away into an unfeeling universe....

Well - my free ten hours on Juno ran out, then a pop-up asking me to get 10 free hours with NetZero came up, so I went for that, but Juno cut me off, so I signed up $10/month with Juno, but now I'm missing some Windows .dll file, so I can't get on the Internet at all. So, I'm fading away again....

At the ERC. Someone is coughing. Is it dear Carrie?

Just so y'all know, I decided not to pursue ***** because she has too many probs right now, and doesn't need more confusion - because I guarantee, it would get confused. I chatted with her today. It went friends-like, which is how I want it. And, I believe, how SHE wants it. I forgot to tell her that, (despite her sometimes ditzy personality), I have always thought she probably had a fairly high IQ. Maybe better I didn't. She would have interpretted it as a come-on, of the egg-head variety.

Was in a kind of lonely-cool-pissed-off mood today, and driving ever so gracefully, in my mad, faster-than-thou manner.

Listenning to the Mighty Lemmon Heads again. A mellower, psycholdelicer type of Midnight Oil sound. Or, could be described as a combination of the La's and the Chill. But I don't know if they are from down under. Recorded in England. Also into the Vines - same Aussie sound, plus Nirvana influence, and lots of others I can't figure out. They are similar to Lemmon Heads, but more Rockish.

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