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I logged on with Juno - 10 free hours a month. More later. Sorry if any IMers didn't get through to my AIM. I wasn't watching it. Once I get on a full-time provider, I'll chat again.

Fun flirting w/ two Hispanics at the bank today. Actually, they were coming on to me. My persoanl banker got jealous. But she's got a boyfriend. Fucking Gringos!

Oh, and my neighbor's been bitching to everyone that I am a racist, since I told him to get his car OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY FOR THE 100th TIME! "Oh, man, That ain't the way it is in MEMPHIS man..."

Hey - CNN quick poll: Edwards 80%, Cheney 20%. Huh? REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!

Finally - no, sweet readers, I wasn't complaining about bad drivers honking at me two times on State & Alpine. God knows there surely ARE WAY MANY bad drivers. But I was referring to people who obviously knew me and were trying to get my attention. I'm telling you, I have a weird celebrity status, that I hate and I love. I'm Irish. FUCKING MICKS!!!!!!!

hasta lasagnia!

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