I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

It's nice to catch up reading friends jnl entries. But the library only gives me an hour at this computa. Plus it is impossible to read the keyboard because of the florescent lighting bouncing off of it. Plus this place is filled with strange rude people, whe seem very happy with the fact that they are strange and rude, and therefore everyone else is the problem.

I neevr went to class to learn how to type. I can type pretty fast, but my fingers are completely free to choose a new direction with every keystroke. I MUST look at the keyboard, or I end up moving all over the keyboard like it's a Ouiji board, which it actually is. I am summoning ghosts...

My car will be in the shop for a while. It needs a new radiator, costing $500. Then, when that's taken care of, they can look to see if there's anything else wrong with it. If it has a blown head gasket, it could cost another $900, plus etc. If it needs a new motor, that could be sky-high. Luckilly, when I heard this, I called my Mobile credit card company, which had recently upped my credit limit by a measly $200, when I had said, "Give it to me, baby - give my the biggest increase you can!" When I called today, they said, "Hold on, sir, and I'll see if you're due for another credit increasde..." THAT didn't sound good, but they ended up increasing it another $2000. So, hey, I'm in a great mood. That car deserves all the love and care I can buy it. And, did I mention, the auto shop is removing the dead body for no extra charge!

Saw, "Gang Wars of New York" last night, which I really liked. But the acting wasn't perfect, the story line was a little tenuous, the violence was a little paranormal, the psychology was shabby, the moral or ethical message was subservient to sensationalism and an attempt to be mythical, and ALL THE IRISH PEOPLE WERE GETTING KILLED! But it was great nonetheless. As far as my liking it, it's a 4, as far as it being technically a good movie, it's a 3.5, so that gives it a score of 7.5 out of 10.

Also saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which was great and totally idiotic. Hmm - likability 4. Technical 1. So it's only a 5. Boo hoo. Life is so unfair.

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