I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


Well - fuck if the neighbors car wasn't in my driveway right while I was sitting here. I've told them we REALLY don't like that. It's about private property - integrity - self-respect. Ya KNOW! So fuck if I didn't go out there and tell them to get out, "OK , Man it won't happen no mo!" Like hell. And I walk away and BITCH BITCH BITCH... So, the neighbors will be killing me soon.

Also - I decided to drop aol and not be on the internet for a month. I need to get a hold of my $$$ situation. Just got a "delinquent tax bill" for my park, which I have to take up w/ the county. And then the State was wrongly asking me to pay $100 fee as described earlier. It all comes out of my poor wee pocket. So, I won't be talking here as much - except when I go to the library or ERC. I'll miss you - but the bigger thing is I have so much other work I need to do. It's getting cold fast outside.

I guess that's it. Bye. Happy Halloween.

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