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what is there to say?

I'm not going anywhere tonight. I don't want to go anywhere tonight. I don't want to go anywhere ever again. I'm just going to curl up all alone and hope someday the right girl comes along and curls up with me.

Didn't want to wait for a pizza to be delivered so I made my own. Usually this is a big mistake, but not this time. I saute'd the topping first, while the sliced garlicy bread ws toasting, then added spcies and American Cheese (YUCK!), and it turned out half-way decent.

Went to library to deal with student laons hounding me again, ($27,000), when they are supposed to stop.

I was glad I saw Molly riding around yesterday. I was worried that she might have an illness. I saw a sign at RVC saying, "Please help diasbled person....MOLLY". SO maybe that was the little handicapped girl I talked to.

I just want to write my novel and get the hell out of this retarded city.
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