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I am the person who will destroy China.

Banned Book Week

From halonoose via blue4raven, posted 9-26: Banned Book Week started yesterday and I was unable to make mention of it, because I was at work and at school. Book banning is a form of censorship and oppression that should not be tolerated in our current society. So each and every single one of us must stand up against it and fight to find out the truth behind the book and what makes it so foul. Most of the time it's something stupid like foul language or violence. This shit still happens today so we must unite and support our brethern books. Buy it. Go to your bookstore and buy the book. And things like this are still happening to this day in our society. Some of you know that I participate in a street team whose goal is to help promote the work of Will Christopher Baer. He wrote Kiss Me, Judas and anyone who reads his book becomes a fan immediately. Even fans of Chuck Palahniuk and Hubert Selby Jr. are torn from their passionate roots with those men to support Baer as equally good or even better. Credit be given to the other authors for being introductions into a new world of literature like Gordon Lish did for me, but credit is due to greatness as well. Well one of the other members lives in Littleton, Colorado and was doing a fine job at distributing his advanced copies to students he thought would be interested in the book. He had about 20 distributed when he was called into the office by the principal who proceeded to confiscate all the books he had distributed from every child who had one and his own personal copy of Baer's newest release Hell's Half Acre. He was threatened with suspension if he continued to pass out the books. To get the full story and see how book banning is occuring underneath our very noses, go here to read his story. To find out more about Banned Books Week, read over here. To find out more about the books that are being confiscated in Littleton, follow the link. Help spread the word so that everyone can be enlightened by this incident. Post this in your journal or your own version of it. (GO TO HALONOOSE'S JNL TO ACCESS LINKS)

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