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i am carless

It's awful to be w/o car - but it's in the shop. It has the flu.

An example of how mistakes can bring us together. Getting ready to leave today, the new guy next door said he was locked out, and his wife needed the keys to go to work. So I got our ladder and helped him out. First time we ever met - they are homebodies.

My pals at Lube Pros did me a little favor today - working on transmission.

Then drove to another auto shop - heater going full blast to help cool down the engine. They gave me a ride back home. Nice guy, talking in his van. He's a little slow in reaciton times. We drove through a red light. I said, "Say, we're running a red, here...." Even though he did look both ways first. And, oh salvation, there's a siren behind us. Chat chat. The cops know him, so this cop let him off. "I've never had a moving violation in my life, officer. I was just talking to him, and I look over, and he's saying, "We ran a red..." I told him a lot of cops know me too.

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