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maybe i lost my balls!

Uh - tuesday is when I usually get my NYT and go to the ERC. Instead, spent day recovering. I did some hand-sawing the other day, and for some reasons my calves have been painful. Suddenly my left side is painful.

Note: The dude who is a crapfellow is not the same dude as Rodney, who is a crapfellow on good-bahaviour.

I am a great singer. I want to sing for a band. Ska/Goth/Romantic/Dance. Can anyone help?

I used to have a great falsetto - with a sometimes-5-octave range. In the past two years, I have lost my falsetto. It has been replaced by an ability to hit high notes, strong, with my regular voice. It has a drier sound, but much more versatility - even range - although I haven't checked this. Now, smoking cigarettes - I sound even better. Cigarettes used to destroy my falsetto with mucous, etc. There are two other things which I've found help the voice: Olive Oil, and Chocolate.

Now that Val has a love interest, I want to do coffee with her even more!

Oh - I want to say that CFS isn't contageous. I don't plan on kissing any of you, though. I realise only freaks use LJ! We're all better off being virtual. Yummmmm. Virtual chocolate!!!!!! Yummmmmm. Virtual migraines!!!!!!!!!

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