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What? What? What do you WANT?!!!....

Posted on 2005.11.27 at 10:00
Humeur actuelle: bobbulous
Musique actuelle: gretchen is a fetchin mensch - henry and the giddy gourdes
I need to sit right down and have a serious talk with my sternum.

Oh wait - I'm doing a LJ post... woops... so, well, HEY! Hi everybody!

Dudes... Lookie here... some cheerful holiday songs!

Christmas Time In Hell

Well i'll tell you what..
Maybe we should have ourselves
a little christmas, right here..
C'mon everybody, gather 'round!

String up the lights and light up the trees
We're gonna make some revelry..
Spirits are high, so I can tell
It's Christmas time in hell!
Demons are nicer as you pass them by
There's lots of demon toys to buy
The snow is falling, and all is well
It's Christmas time in hell!

There goes Jeffrey Dahmer
With a festive Christmas ham..
After he has sex with it
He'll eat up all he can..
And there goes John F Kennedy
Carolling with his son..
Reunited for the holidays
God bless us, everyone!
Everybody has a happy glow
Let's dance in blood, and pretend it's snow..
Even Mao Tse Tung is under the spell
It's Christmas time in hell!

"The Mr. Hankey Theme Song"

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo,
He loves me, I love You,
Therefore vicariously he loves you too,
Even if you're a Jew!

Sometimes He's nutty, Sometimes He's corny,
He can be brown or greenish-brown,
But if you eat fiber on Christmas Eve,
He might come to your town!

"A Lonely Jew on Christmas" - Sung by Kyle

It's hard to be a jew on Christmas.
My friends won't let me join in any games.
And I can't sing Christmas songs,
or decorate a Christmas tree,
or leave water out for Rudolph cause there's something wrong with me.
My people don't believe in Jesus Christ's divinity.

I'm a jew, a lonely jew on Christmas.

Hannakah is nice, but why is it that Santa passes over my house every year?
And instead of eating ham, I have to eat kosher latke*.
Instead of "Silent Night", I'm singing "hu, hach, do hachvi.".
And what the @#$% is up with lighting all these @#$%ing candles, tell me please.

I'm a jew, a lonely jew-
I’d be Merry, but I’m Hebrew,
On Christmas.

"Kyle's Mom Is A Stupid Bitch In D-Minor" - Eric Cartman


Well, Kyle's mom a bitch, she a big fat bitch, she the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. She's a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch. She's a bitch to all the boys and girls.

Monday, she's a bitch. On Tuesdays, she's a bitch and Wednesday through Saturday, she's a bitch. Then on Sunday, just to be different, she's a super King Kamayamaya beeyoch.

Have you ever met my friend Kyle's mom? She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. She's a mean old bitch and has stupid hair. She's a b-b-b-b-b-bitch. B-b-b-b-b-b-cause she's a stupid bitch. Kyle's mom's a bitch and she's just a dirty bitch. Kyle's mom is a bitch. Ahhhhhhh *Sigh*

Merry Fucking Christmas

I heard there is no Christmas,
In the silly Middle East..
No trees, no snow, no Santa Claus,
They have different religious beliefs...
They believe in Muhammad,
And not in our holiday...
And so every December,
I go to the Middle East and say...

Hey there Mr Muslim, Merry Fucking Christmas
Put down that book, The Koran
And hear some holiday wishes
Incase you haven't noticed,
It's Jesus's Birthday
So get off your heathen Muslim ass
And fucking celebrate.

There is no holiday season in India,
I've heard..
They don't hang up their stockings,
And that is just absurd..
They've never read a Christmas story,
They don't know what Rudolph is about...
And that's why in December,
I'll go to India and shout...

Hey there Mr Hinduist, Merry Fucking Christmas
Drink eggnog, and eat some beef
and pass it to the missus
Incase you haven't noticed,
It's Jesus's birthday
So get off your heathen Hindu ass,
And fucking celebrate.

Now I heard that in Japan,
Everyone just lives in sin...
They pray to several gods,
And put needles in their skin...
On December twenty-fifth,
all they do is eat a cake...
and that is why I'll go to Japan,
and walk around and say...

Hey there Mr Shintoist, Merry Fucking Christmas
God is gonna kick your ass You infidelic pagan scum.
Incase you haven't noticed,
There's festive things to do
So lets all rejoice for Jesus
and Merry Fucking Christmas to you.

On Christmas Day, I travel round the world and say..
Taoists, Korishnas, Buddists
and all you atheists too..
Merry Fucking Christmas to you.
Thank you, Mr Hat..

Hell isn't Good

Little boy, you're going to hell!
You said bad words, threw rocks at the bird
And now, this is your hotel!
You ain't going back, this ain't disneyland, it's HELL!

Little boy, it's time for you to pay!
For hurting that bird, and not going to church
And staring at boobs everyday
You could have been in bed, but instead, you're in HELL!

Hell isn't good, Hell isn't good, HELL!
No, Hell isn't good, Hell isn't good, HELL!

Adolf Hitler: Something in german..
George Burns: Hey fuckface, have you seen Gracie?
Mahatma Ghandi: There is orderliness the universe
Hell isn't good, Hell isn't good, HELL!

O Holy Night

O holy night, the stars are Brightly shining..
It is the night of our dear savior's birth.
O holy night, the something.. something.. distance.
It is the night with the Christmas trees and pie.
Jesus was born, and so I get presents
Thank you Jesus for being born!

Fall [Faaalll] On your knees.. [On your knees]
And hear.. [can't you hear] The angel's something.. [Voices]
O night [O night] Divine! [Divine]
The night when I get presents, O night [O night]
Beefcake! Oh night, O night devine..

And so here's the BIG question... Exactly what?...

WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS? (and/or Channukah and stuff)???

....Tell me, and let's see what we can do. Maybe other friends got some extra stuff you want and then they can send it to you and then you can spend more money on me! See!

(HAPPY HOLIDAYS!)... http://www.gabeiscool.com/wizards_of_winter.wmv

Go Bears! MMMkay?


cutie aeroplanes
dreambows__ at 2005-11-27 23:08 (UTC) (Lien)
haha what good songs
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2005-11-28 06:05 (UTC) (Lien)
Yay! Thank you! You, being Irish, have superb taste in all things.
gillashl at 2005-11-28 05:57 (UTC) (Lien)

All I Want For Christmas Is....


You think that's too much to ask for?


where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2005-11-28 06:02 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: All I Want For Christmas Is....

I'm sorry - I couldn't hear you... ::sounds of crunkly wrapping paper and tape::

You had me at hello.
gillashl at 2005-11-28 06:05 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: All I Want For Christmas Is....


-patiently awaits her white knight wrapped in purple and red wrapping paper to appear on her doorstep-

In the mean time....

-begins to sing-

a beer, a mexican beer
a guy who buys me beer
myself, I'll have a beer
a long long way for beer..
I think I'll have a beer!
la la la la la BEER!
no thanks I'll have a beer!

which will bring us back to
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2005-11-28 06:08 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: All I Want For Christmas Is....

All hear, and join in! It's da beer song! Hurray! This will be the merriest Chistmas EVER!

gillashl at 2005-11-28 06:39 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: All I Want For Christmas Is....


Tis the bestest song ever made! Ever sung! Ever .... YEAH!

-still waits on present-

Am I getting this when, exactly?

_lor_rie_ at 2005-11-28 12:08 (UTC) (Lien)
i still want my pony :)

oh, and ur car is on its way!
sugarplanet at 2005-12-01 19:18 (UTC) (Lien)
I totally want a swarovski silver crystal flamingo for christmas.

you do know I love flamingoes right?
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2005-12-02 06:00 (UTC) (Lien)
I completely do! And that's despite the fact that I am constantly losing my memory. And - hey - I shall flag this email. Just in case...
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