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sara shouldn't read this...

Back in the days when I was making banana bread, I bought a big box of 2 and 1/2 eggs for like 5 cents. Today, I found a bowl of them at the bottom of the fridge. Thinking that grantastic had boiled them so they wouldn't go bad, I decided to eat one of these hard-boiled eggs... so I lightly cracked one. And it hadn't been boiled. (!) So I boiled it. When I retrieved it for my eggsumption, I saw that the crack - which was TINY, had let a bit of the egg out, and boil in the water. Actually - it was the yolk alone that had popped out. It was a very weird thing to see this, the yolk just stuck completely out of the egg, all perfectly round, and with a nice sheet of white around it. Then, I opened the egg, and it was all boiled, with a round hollow in the middle. So, now I am off to eat this bizarre haunted egg...

So, you see, there's always SOMETHING fascinating to write about in LJ, isn't there?! An unrelated question: "Why do people drop me?"
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