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Trying to 'expand consciousness'.

Another biologically incorrect morning.  My brain and body have been in mourning for decades.  There'd better be something to show for it.

Presently, my brain remains awry.  It is difficult to think straight - though pain and cognitive distortion.  I continue to hope and expect that this long bout will soon give way to a little light and easy in thinking and in exertion/  Yet my muscles still remain heavy from over a month ago.  Anyway, I am trying to push my way through this finger-trap-like wormhole of cognition to some light on the other side.  So, I am TRYING to put together ideas, hoping I can keep moving towards some comprehension.  But it is really hard.  On the other hand, at least the main problem is in the front of mjy brain, and not deeper down, messing with all systems, and making most thought impossible.  I am having neocortical issues - not able to synthesize or hold two ideas at once/  At least to a significant degree.

What I am trying to do is recall and rethink my ideas on the expansion of the universe.  And I am hoping to connect that to something I am calling, "Universal Parsimony."  Which I will briefly say that: not only do we follow Okham's Razor in trying to explain or understand things, but so does the rest of the universe, seeing as the universe itself is compelled by a kind of physical consciousness.  Everything tends to fall into place.  And this idea is directly connected to my concept of the Origami Universe, where meaning is conserved and divvied out most efficiently to all existing entities, especially those evolved to think.  And this will lead to a discussion of the brain and psychic phenomena.

In the mean time, until I can really hash this out, I am viewing relevant videos.  Of which there are many, great ones, and too lengthy - taking up a lot of time.  BUT.  Videos are better for me than reading, because it is more difficult for me to read than to listen, when I am handicapped like this.  As I have said, I have an attentional deficit where I cannot quickly internalise, and think about, incoming information.  I am better at generating thought.  And so listening is easier than viewing letters, which I have to transpose into words and meanings.  And easier than watching or seeing.  I mainly listen to videos, rather than watch, when I am like this.  But, it is still not easy to take in, and turn around in my mind, incoming info from videos.  I should be sleeping and sleeping and sleeping until this all blows over.  But I can't.

Note that watching and paying attention to videos, itself, mucks up my brain the next day.

I will keep posting videos for you, which circle around what I hope to write about later.  This will help prime you for later ideas.  And, simply, I hope you will find interesting what I am currently finding interesting.  But, not expecting it.  Because everything is a crapshoot.  And then you die.

So, here are some videos for you, regarding the expansion of the universe.  Note that, long ago, I came up with the concept of a multiverse, which I called, "the multiverse."  I later discovered that actual cosmological physicists had earlier come up with the same concept.  Pretty proud of myself, for that, although it's a moot point.  Just showed I was on the right track.  AND.

I also came up with the idea that gravity can be a repulsive force.  This is an important idea.  I later discovered that some physicists say that there is a form of gravity which is repulsive, which is responsible for acceleration of the expansion of the universe.  Whether or not they see this as the same thing as antigravity, I don't know.  But, I will be exploring repulsive gravity when I get around to posting my thoughts.  And I wanted to recall thoughts on red shift, which I find have not been tagged much, but here is one post with some discussion of red shift - https://madman101.livejournal.com/2546315.html - It is the first part in a series so here's the series - https://madman101.livejournal.com/tag/s-%20time%20passages%20%28series%29

Can the expansion of the universe be connected to entropy? Yes, but complicated.

Alexander Vilenkin - Why is the Universe Expanding? - 9:57

Why Physics Can't Totally Explain the Universe's Expansion | SciShow News - 7:34

WSU: The Accelerating Universe with Adam Riess - 53:55

A New Surprise... - 48:04

'No, The Universe Is Not Expanding at an Accelerated Rate', Say Physicists - ? - 2016

Let me note: Major influences in my understanding of physics:

Alfred North Whitehead, e.g., "Symbolism, Its Meaning and Effect", and, https://archive.org/details/theprincipleofre00whituoft

Milic Capek - "The Philosophical Impact of Contemporary Physics" (https://divine-noise-attack.info/The-Philosophical-Impact-Of-Contemporary-Physics%7CMilic-Capek.cgi) and see https://www.jstor.org/stable/25088308

Paul Davies - "The Physics of Time Asymmetry"; "About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution", "Quantum Mechanics."

Einstein; Hawking; Hegel; Transcendentalists, Spinoza, Leibniz, Heidegger, Maxwell, Ancient Philosophies, Jeremy Rifkin - "Entropy." And I want to thank all the radical theorists of the early 29th century. Also, marijuana.
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