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Sorry the Pink Floyd icon is still up. I was planning on writing a little theme post on lines and time and all that. You can look through my icons and tell me which one to put up instead.

Also sorry I haven't been up on comments. It's going to be this way for a month or two.

I am still trying to recover from all the activity, including that unnecessary trip to the library, ergh. Still don't know - I might be more ill soon. But I am trying to do some organising and packing.

The house is being inspected in a half an hour, and if there is a bad furnace, or something, then it might be called off.

I have tried to get written proof that my moving date has been moved ahead 2 weeks. Verbal assurances are not enough. Since A-hole Guy is behind the purchase of this house, there is a real possibility that he and the new owner will try to throw me out on the old due date. Evicting me from the hood was a big reason why he helped to buy this house in the first place.

Oh boy, I feel some heavy fatigue falling on me now...
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