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pack attack

I'm already running out of packing tape.  And cashews.

I left a 'Tina's' bean and cheese burrito in my fridge at least five years ago.  Since I'm emptying my fridge, I heated I pan-baked it, and it tasted just fine.  No hint of freezer taste.

Also had to eat the remaining mussels today.

The time is coming soon when I will have to shut this main computer down.

Took down large mandala from my front door.  Soon after, there was a loud, prolonged knocking on the door.  It was a city worker.  They have to repair a broken water pipe under the street.  So, there's a boil order beginning at 8:am.   So I guess I'm supposed to get up early to boil eggs.

Had a dream of my dog at 11:pm last night.  He was in distress.  It was clearly a psychic-connexion dream.  Hopefully he will settle in.

Now I have to go through most of my shoes and decide where to delegate them.  AT least three of them have dog poop on them.  They've been sitting and waiting to be washed.  So, the time has come.

Btw - This whole "whip" on the border thing is complete bullshit. There was no whip. It didn't happen. But the deceitful Dems are creating another lie to cover over all the lies in the past which they used to cover all the lies in the past because of the lies that they lied about, lying in a lying manner.
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