I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

the first wee whirlwinds of the fall

I seem to be pulling out of a bad 4-day relapse.  Crazy man downstairs appears to be away at his new apartment.  For tonight.    Who do you think I saw, sitting on the steps of the house next door, recently bought by A-hole Guy?  Nether Guy!  A-hole Guy has brought him back!  And I think he may be waiting to move back in downstairs, after this house changes hands.  They are all so crazed at preserving their fucked-up status quo.  A-hole Guy's who mission to acquire this house, and kick me out, may be partly due to revenge - over the Nethers having to leave, no matter that they were in fact the problem.  Anyway, as I came back to my porch with my dog, Nether Guy was no longer sitting on that porch, BUT, the three pittbulls in the back were now barking wildly.  I suspected that nether Guy went back there to let them out, knowing they would charge at my dog, so I took my dog inside, soon enough.  When N-Guy lived downstairs, he sent his own large pittbull creature after my dog, apparently nipping him on the butt, where mange  began a little while after that.  I am glad my dog will be out of here by Monday.
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