I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Gonna be another swelterer. In September.

OK, I am getting over a very bad relapse. My plan is to get to the library. I am working on a few more letters, which I would print out there. I am not yet up to snuff in the thinking department. After mailing those, (if accomplished), I will finally get to dig up the contact info on various CL ads. Finally!!!! And this is the most important thing. Dog will again be abandoned for several hours. His behaviour yesterday was bothersome, as he had been abandoned for a while the day before. Plus, he is getting fish, and therefore feels so free.

If my health still holds out by Monday, I hope to get to the DMZ, and make a few stops after that. If not assisted by my aSister, then the trip will cost me at least $20, because I will also be using the cab company's car for the drivers test - in theory!! Fingers crossed. And they are cursing at me.

A-hole Guy tampered with garbage bins on public property he thinks he owns. This after they were not picked up by the whateveryoucallit company. even after I called them about it. Since they have been delinquent specifically on MY recycleables, the best guess is that some truck driver knows A-hole Guy, and is messing with me for him. Black power, don't you know. On the other hand, this morning, as I was coming outside with dog, the black preach who has rudely ignored me all these years, with his nose in the air, because I was assumedly some kind of problem, actually gave me a nice and respectful nod. Maybe he is finally discovering what has been going on around here. Which has been criminal. Which I why I am hoping to write to la policia.

I was thinking of finally mowing on Monday morning, before going to the DMZ, since that would be the right CFS thing to do, but there will be rain. I don't mow during or after rain. Why should I hand over a perfect lawn to the new buyer, the A-hole Guy puppet??

Thanks. I just had to get the ink flowing.
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