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I am the person who will destroy China.

And the beat goes on...

Computer hit another brick wall - or the same one. Wheels spin and pages almost never load. I was planning on going to library today, but I am too tired. Stress from A-hole incident plus long phone call has set my recovery back. So, this is day 3. I will plug away at organising and packing, and get myself better prepared both for library, and DMV on Tuesday. Can't take a test when I am so tired because my vision is less than par. Will be setting up rental of a garage from LL, most probably. Discourse on that shall transpire today.

I have switched from cereal back to oatmeal. It can make me tired - and fat - but it is great for the innards. I just need to tell you that I am really enjoying blueberries in my porridge. I steer clear of fruit/juice because of the sugar, but I can tolerate some blueberries this way, esp. if I do a little garlic first. It's really delightful, so I recommend it. I add a little cinnamon and "salty nut remains" while cooking, and then I pour in the frozen blueberries, top with my secret recipe "milk" and there is virtually no need to wait for it to cool down. Small pleasures.

I know Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a god to most libs, esp. females. I've seen her big mistakes and such, and I have seen her say a few interesting things. For example, she has said, to the consternation of some libs, that Roe vs Wade was a bad decision. I am wondering if she was referring to the fact that the female defendant lied about being raped, and later converted to pro-life. Or was she referring to more? I don't know. I was once conditionally pro-choice, but now I tend to be more like conditionally pro-life. All the problems seem to come from the political polarisation, backed by puritan fundamentalists on one side and puritan leftists on the other. Absolutists. Like Taliban banana.

Oh - that little pat response from Biden's press secretary? "Have you ever been pregnant? [Therefore shut up]." - ? (Lots of women who have been pregnant are against abortion, btw). Well, the come-back to that is simply this:

"Have you ever been aborted?!"
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