I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Yes, there is evil in the world.

As you know, I have been accosted by A-hole Guy for several years.  Many times, he would just open up and start yelling at me, for whatever angry thoughts were controlling his mind, even if they were not connected to reality.  I won't even get into it all.

Well, this is the person who is buying the house.  And he yelled at me today, saying that the reason he bought the house was to kick me out.  Here is part of an email I sent to the LL (property management lady)...

The person who is buying the house is [A-hole Guy]. He has informed me that the reason he is buying this house is to kick me out. He deliberately hid the "For Sale" sign so that he alone could have the chance at getting the house. As you know, he has lied to many people that he already owns this house. He has trespassed and done damage here. I asked you to hold off on filing a barring notice, because the intimidation had waned, probably because he started seeking to buy the house. This is egregious, unacceptable - and possibly illegal. You should speak out against it.

Now, there has also been the problem of the crazy man downstairs.  For almost 5 years, he has waited until he thought I was asleep, and BANGED on the walls, directly below wherever I was sleeping.  And this was usually punishment for something that had happened earlier that day, such as me talking to my dog, or dropping a cup, or squeaking floorboards.  So, this man has been taking his cue from A-hole Guy, and getting bolder and bolder in confronting me.  Knowing that I would not fight him, he recently came outside, following me down the sidewalk, daring me to fight him.  I called the cops.  The owner had enough of this, and decided to sell the house.

Because I have been alone and disabled, I have been attacked by these idiots.  And neither the owner nor the LL has done anything about it.  I have kept a detailed log on the attacks by the crazy man downstairs, which both the owner and LL have viewed (online).  Anyway, the point is, the man downstairs is the reason why the owner is selling - and yet he continues to act like I am some kind of problem.  And, all the trouble has been coming from A-hole Guy, outside, and not from me, other than standing up for my dog, myself and the truth.  Because they are as pathological liars as Joe Biden.

No one has helped me with any of this.  It is all an absurd, obscene injustice.  Now I am expected to leave this house because I am, "nasty," according to A-hole Guy, in a month - which is an impossibility for someone disabled by CFS.  And the owner tries to spur me on by promising to refund my last month's rent?  What I see here is a vast failure of imagination, underlying a full dormancy of humanity.  It's pathetic.  Why am I the one to pay?!
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