I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Nothing makes sense.

Who would have thought I'd get another day of down time?  Just not pulling out of this.  I have decided I need tomorrow here, and will put off library until Friday.  My dog continues to hound me to take him out up to 6x/day now, twice as much as before this problem.  I can't walk him to the vet until it gets dry and below 75 outside.  He's only a northern dog.

Around the corner, three pittweiller/rottbulls are often out on chains.  They charge and bark at whomever walks by.  I know at least one guy owns them / lives there.  Three bits of information tell me that it is possible that this guy is moving directly next-door, after that house had been sold.  Maybe it was sold to A-hole Guy, who either makes extremely bad decisions or deliberately wants to destroy this little nook of the world.

When I first moved here, A-hole Guy displayed utter disgust at my dog, for no reason, other than he was acting like a cracker to get revenge or something.  Idiot crazy white man downstairs picked up on this, and said he would sue me if my dog bit him - three times.  Just fabricating bullshit.  First time I met him, I was out, trying to get my dog to crap, and he walks all around the corner just to interrupt this and yowl, "Hello, neighbour!"  No consideration.  And when he did this, I immediately said to myself: "This man is hiding something."

He has been banging on the walls in retaliation for me breathing, for years.  He has been fabricating lies about me.  When I went over to tell him to stop the banging, he simply imitated this months later, showing up at the porch, "Oh, you wanna fight me?!  You wanna fight me?!"  Called the cops, and that shut him up - but he always starts creeping back.  Because he is a creep.  A psychopath in every sense of the word.  Accepting no responsibility for his own crap.

Since he has been here, I have discovered that he owes Colorado $40,000.  He owes Chicago $6,000+.  He is bouncing checks.  He has a fake business in the Caribbean.  So, yes, he is hiding something.  After I joked around with my dog about Subaru's, ("Busaroo's!"), he sold his car and got a Subaru.  After he found out I am busy on a computer much of the day, he went and bought a computer - which I know because his Bluetooth mouse, etc., are showing up on my laptop.  He's buying these things even while he owes all this money.  And he's conning the LL and owner, so they conclude that this is just a disagreement between two people.  Not someone who majored in Psych versus a total Psychopath.

And the owner, because of the trouble from below, decided to sell the house.  That's how Americans solve problems, and let the Psycho's win.  I've got to get out of here, soon, before those dogs attack my dog, or I attack this bastard, or whatever!  It's a sinkhole of moral depravity.  I hope crazy old bald man is happy.  When the new owners take over, they will probably double the rents.  Nice going.  And if I am successfully out of here, they will probably bring in loud idiots with additional hounds of Hades and he will die of lack of sleep.  Praise unto God!

Btw... My armpits have been smelling really, really good. For about two weeks now. This is very discombobulating. If you were here, you would start hallucinating because of how good they smell. Why, why am I tortured in these strange ways?!
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