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I am the person who will destroy China.

The Beast.

I'm still working on posts. Still having computernet issues. However, I can post this. Brief comment:

The Dems are not only letting people in at the border, putting them up in hotels, busing them to 'red' and purple states, even while turning away people from Cuba, because they want more Democrat voters - (and not Cuban Republicans) - And the Dems are not only letting in drug-runners and human traffickers because they want to invite chaos into the big cities - The Dems are letting in illegal immigrants who are coughing and dying, being tested positive for COVID, and they are having them handed over to Catholic Charities, or just dumping them in the streets of Texas, and Alabama, and so on.

And they claim to be helping people, while they are blaming republicans for the rise of COVID in those states. It's disgusting. It's evil. They WANT the COVID crisis to continue, because they are ruling by fear, and by divide-and-conquer. Fauci has flip-flopped and lied countless times to feed this agenda. It's bullshit. They are staging bogus investigations into what they are stupidly calling an, "insurrection," partly by employing two rabidly anti-Trump republicans - so they can carry it over and win the mid-terms. JUST as they used the BIG LIE of "Russian Collusion" towards getting themselves elected in 2020. They count on enough people being idiots, or afraid. And they count on election fraud, dressed up as "fairness." Absolute evil. The only entity this corruption is helping is the state to which the Bidens have been beholden: CHINA.

And, look at them forgiving Andrew Cuomo, who sent infected people into nursing homes. First, they obfuscated his crimes with a parade of sexual assault complaints, and now the DOJ is abandoning any investigation into his COVID crimes - whatever for? POLITICS. A massacre larger than deaths at NAZI prison camps has occurred because of this true bastard, and the media is saying all he did was commit an accounting error.

It's as evil as you can imagine it to be. They brought COVID to NYC because they were percolating the crisis. This was the plan. And do you know why they were fine with tens of thousands of elderly peoplee dying?

Because they tend to vote Republican.

Most people are just stumbling behind this endless coup, debating whether Biden is serious about this or that. They are only looking at the surface. They have been threatened with banning, and lawsuits, if they even dare question the legitimacy of the 2020 election. And now, that is swept out of the way, and no serious audits are taking place, (other than in PA, which is why Biden went their to advocate voting fairness, pffft!), and Republicans are just sitting ducks. Because it's going to happen again. And again. This is a plan. This is dead serious. This is the insurrection.

When I say, "Dems," I don't mean the sweet or naive or union people who are still hanging on, delusionally believing they are voting for the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy. I am talking about the DNC. The lawyers who bounce back and forth between elected positions and lobbying jobs and comfy corporate do-nothing jobs. The people, and the media, taking money from China. Sleeping with Chinese spies only to get elected to even higher positions in the party. The more corrupt, the more power they are given. I am talking about the intermediaries who run the party: Obama, Clinton, Susan Rice, Pelosi, Schumer, and so on. These are the people colluding with China and Russia, projecting blame onto their opponents. I am talking about the corrupted top of the Intelligence community - the FBI, the CIA, and so on.

China has been doing here what it has done in Venezuela, Peru, and countless other nations around the world: It moves in, throws money, decapitates the leadership, sews chaos, and takes control. How can Americans be so stupid to let this happen? To underestimate the greed and corruption that exists within the elected and unelected powers that be? Such sad ignorance. We are just letting our independence slip away, replaced by a new slavery. Like Hong Kong. Tibet. Africa. Taiwan. Europe. It's got to stop.
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