I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Sex God Scandal, cont'd

Dear Kevin,

I tried to make light of this subject, but have been receiving nothing but glares lately from your employees. I am therefore bringing to your attention the enclosed note which was delivered to my door on a Saturday night, late August.

I don't think anyone would appreciate receiving such a note. I certainly didn't. Neither did my family.

I know no one who would have done such a thing. When I received the note, Starbucks on E. State had been the only cafe I frequented for the past month. I don't know if this actually came from someone -or an employee - at Starbucks. I think it is wise to bring it to your attention.

I want Andrea and others to know that I never believed it came from them. However, I did stop coming to Starbucks on Sundays and Saturdays, wanting not to encourage anyone who MIGHT have sent it.

I have always tried to be pleasant and positive towards your employees, despite some rude behaviour from some of them at times. I like the folks at Starbucks and I hope you all can feel happy and comfortable into the future. However, if you do happen to find that one of your employees is responsible for this note - whether as a prank or not -then I think you know that the appropriate recourse would be to fire this person.

I understand that my address has never been given to any of your employees. I also understand that it need not have been for this to have occured. Both you and I are in agreement in hoping that this never did emanate from anyone at Starbucks, and that no recourse need follow from it. I assumed as much, and I still do. However, I think any customer would see the relevance of my complaint.

Thank you,


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