I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Increase your breast size dramatically in a matter of months!

Amazing solution to small breasts!

Pay the doctor only in smiles!

You can work your way to success in the world!

Large breasts can be easy with my simple new therapy, Lots-o-Pizza. Just take Lots-o-Pizza three times a day and watch your bust size expand to triple D and never drown again! Men will want you even more than they want pizza because they sense your feminine power! Buy Lots-o-Pizza for your friends and children and watch the neighbourhood become happy and gay as bosoms balloon like flowers in the spring. Why spend money on expensive implants or stun guns when you can promenade your cleavage in front of admirers for only a few dollars and unlimitted leisure time?

Just send your money to Doctor Madman and you will receive a one-month Lots-o-Pizza prescription. Take the prescription to your local pizzeria and don't forget to buy Billy those mozzarella sticks! He's gonna need them when your ginormous boobs fill the entire living room, striking fear and amazement into everyone, even the people on TV! Sound too good to be true? It's not because I get big breasts just taking about it! So, send in your money today, and don't wait for the Russians to beat you at this brand new Olympic Competition!

Send cash only: Doctor Madman, Zero Scruples Avenue, Bangkok, Thailand, Mammary District Free Trade Zone.

Sorry, I can't post friends-only, so I just thought I'd grab some LJ attention and sign off for now. Pleasant dreams!

PS - Bad CFS, plus worse computernet. Couldn't post this, so tried laptop. Took over an hour then browser crashed... It's just not worth it!
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