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Last night's movie was a part of the Trailer Park Boys series, a Canadian thing which went global, for some reason.  Countdown to Liquor Day.  There was a guy with coke-bottle glasses, which was a direct rip-off from Office Space.  The humour was a slow moving dud.  And people acted odd.  Because Canada is different.  Different, I think, not only from the USA, but from the rest of the world.  It's like what America would be - naive white people left to their own devices in the middle of nowhere - but without all the acrimony of slavery, war, religious-political ideology, and a bunch of other nonsense.  It's like Australia but without the poisonous snakes.

There was this one bit where some guys wanted to get this other guy's mobile home out of their way, for something important.  In American movies, the trailer would be gone, by whatever intriguing hook or crook.  But in this movie, the guys are trying to plead and negotiate with the trailer owner to move it.  Americans would see this as a very silly and complete waste of time.  Things like this reminded em that Canadians are different.  They are different from Americans.  And much of the world.  They are so insulated by snow and fortune that they really haven't refined any very serious philosophy of life.  In its place is a grandiose left-wing liberalism which works just fine, so long as the insulation continues.  Reminds me of Madison.

Anyway, why are so many successful USA comedians originally Canadian?  It's because the USA is fucked up in alternate ways.  The masses of people at lower ends of the pecking order are always concerned about their own power ventures that they really don't want to hear anything more alien or more original than their own fetid imaginations might muster.  So, novelty is stopped dead at the bottom.  But  Canadians make it big in their own country, and it looks novel to big wheels in the USA, and so America ends up being steered by a lot of Canadian comedians and musicians, because the USA has completely lost its trailer park Canadianism.

Chris Plante:  Chris Plante is a guy who once reported for CNN, but became morally disgusted by all the BS fake news being propagated.  He is also a former Democrat.  So, he really has a lot to recommend him.  Half Irish, half Basque, this guy is just a babbling brook of ADHD insights into politics bouncing every which way.  I think he is a lot of fun, and a good introduction for any Democrat questioning how things are falling apart.  In my opinion, ti is the Right who is talking the truth.  So, here is a podcast from yesterday, which is filled with a lot of soundbites.  I don't even remember what it is about, but I know that I thought it would be good to get to you.  And, next is hour 1 (and 2) of today's show.  Here he is scoffing at how the USA government is using Big Tech as arms of the octopus of government control, for the sake of the Democratic Party, not the people.  Kinda like a PRI or USSR for the USA.  I can't emphasize enough as to how much endangered is our free country, which is a vanguard for the freedom of the rest of the world.

Hour two of yesterday - https://www.iheart.com/podcast/256-the-chris-plante-show-31143448/episode/the-chris-plante-show-071521-hour-84871785/  -  or  -  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-chris-plante-show-07-15-21-hour-2/id1374958065?i=1000529014380

hour one of today's (7/16) show, plus hour two, can be found when they are logged, at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-chris-plante-show/id1374958065  -  or  -  https://www.iheart.com/podcast/256-the-chris-plante-show-31143448/

Dan Bongino: When you first heard NPR's, "Car Talk," you probably thought that these two stooges were a couple of low intelligence knuckleheads. But they knew everything about cars, and they had a knack for communicating their knowledge to other people. You just had to get past the accent and the gooofyass behaviour. It's the same with Dan Bongino. He has a Queens accent and personality. But, this guy was a policeman, a Secret Service agent, and so on. He really knows what kind of shit is going on in secret, close to the White House bone. It's amazing what keen insights he has on the NSA, government control of information, partisan hypocrisy, and so much more. He is hot shit, trending on FB, etc., which is why lots of groups are trying to stomp him out. He started off as a podcaster and now he has taken Rush Limbaugh's spot on WLS AM 890, 11:am-2:am. This guy is dangerous to the establishment and, since he is relatively unknown, I wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly disappeared. Search on your own. Esp. if you are looking for some hot anti-State surveillance info.

Mark Levin: OMG - when I first heard Mark Levin, back in the latter 2000's, my stomached turned. He was just whining and shouting and complaining - it was nauseating. It really was - I hated this guy! It seemed like his only point was to shoot down anything useful floated by the Dems. But, that's not it. Once you realise that the Dem Party is run by really corrupt manipulators, then you open up your ears. Mark Levin played a part in the Reagan administration, and was a member of a school board for a few years. The latter is relevant to today's parents' revolt against Critical Race Theory, (which I have yet to post about!) I make a point of listening to this guy every weeknight.

Let me tell you something, before we go on. I am not one party or the other. Both parties have issues with which I disagree. As far as the Republicans, I completely disagree with their stance on global warming. And I can get into all that in another post. I disagree with their stance on LGBT, especially on trans rights and legitimacy. Both parties maintain issues which shoot them in the foot. That's how it has evolved, in this once two-party state. I really disagree when the Republicans act like piranhas, making fun of individuals who happen to represent some issue to them. I really do! They don't even know they are doing it. But virtually all of them do it. Which only goes to show that politics will never take anyone to full maturity.

But, I listen to all sides. And Mark Levin, a lawyer and best-seller, is extremely relevant to the times. Despite his nonsense on warming and on LGBT. His latest book, "American Marxism," is not only relevant to the times, it will be a defining mark in history. It's a rapid best-seller. In it, he analyses and critiques BLM, Antifa, Critical Race Theory, China, the Dems, and all this. I can only say, I don't care what party it comes from, THANK GOODNESS we still have presses putting out alternate views. We are in really serious trouble, these days, my friends, and it behooves all of you to tune in to what is going on.

on kindle - https://www.amazon.com/American-Marxism-Mark-R-Levin-ebook/dp/B0929HXWQY

on amazon - https://www.amazon.com/American-Marxism-Mark-R-Levin/dp/150113597X

The People Of The Lie, by M. Scott Peck:

Note that I urge everyone NOT to do business via Amazon.

Do your own research!
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