I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

How was your day?

Some of you might recall that I knew an Antifa guy back before we became so wise. He came snooping through my adjacent vacant lots one day. And, a little later, he shows up, asking if he could use one of my lots for anarchistic things. I had given up on my plans for the lot(s), and I believe they were now the city's again. But, I gave my token consent and he got a community grant to hay bale garden and gather with marginal white kids. (This made Crazy Gay Guy On The Corner very mad, on top of his already unmanageable mercury poisoning. So, he tried to run them out of the house they rented by the lot. And he succeeded, because nothing succeeds like excess). I lent him my lawnmower, so long as he mowed the two lots for me, even though they were not really my responsibility anymore. (I did a lot of work on those lots).

But, the agreement was that he would return it to me after the season was over. He never did. Because this white jackass saw me as a privileged white guy, even as I was being run out of my own home while disabled with CFS. He was so much like the main of the crazy Left movement: All that matters is gaining power. There is no morality other than that. Anyone who doesn't agree is the oppressor. Like the BLM leaders running off with millions of dollars and buying themselves handfuls of mansions, this guy's philosophy - of caring and of victimization - was only about selfishly achieving more power. I believe he was more of a commie than Antifa.

After that, I saw him surface in protests in Louisiana, and then out West. So, he could very well have been one of them there rotten-to-the-core FBI types we have lately learnt to love in the news. I don't know where he is now. He was probably an instigator at the Capitol - but I'm sure he's not languishing in solitary confinement with the hundreds of so-called, "Insurrectionists." But, maybe it would be nice to have an Antifa right now, because they have no scruples. It would be nice to know someone like that right now. Fire fighting fire sort of thing.

You know all about the Crazy Old Man Downstairs. He moved in here, hearing gossip about the Nether People attacking me, and he proceeded to attack me. I would walk some where, and suddenly he would start stomping around, back and forth, very loudly. If I talked to my dog, he would do the same thing, or wait 'til later and bang on the walls. He was aware that I have a serious illness. But, if the floorboards squeaked that day, he would wait until he thought I was asleep, and then he would BANG. This made me very ill and almost killed me.

So, I started turning up my music to drown it out. And this would stop him. As soon as I turned it down to normal levels, he started up again. This person lies without chagrin, he knows no difference between right and wrong, everything he does is to service adolescent cravings and delusions. He calculates, he plans, he waits. He manipulates people. And he projects blame on innocent people. He is a textbook case of a psychopath.

I have called the police, complained to the owner and the management company, and I have resorted to bouncing out of bed during the BANGS and going down and banging on his door, to get him to stop. He confabulates that, "If your dog bites me I will sue you!" and so on. It's all just a flood of bullshit. I have bought noise-'cancelling' headphones, and a stereo amplifier, because of this. I don't need to buy a new stereo when I am planning on moving. The expense it has been to my health is incalculable.

A week or two ago, as I was taking my dog out as usual, at 3:am, he was standing at the bottom of my porch steps, yelling at me because of the music. I told him, if he likes the music, just keep banging on the walls. And he said he gladly would. Does this makes sense to you? As I try to walk my dog, he is following us down the sidewalk, with his face in mine, daring me to fight. So, you see how he has taken zero responsibility for his years of unwarranted attacks, and is, instead, elevating it into a fight. No sense of right and wrong.

I knew he wouldn't touch me, because I'm not stupid. I turned to go back inside, and he going, "Swing at me! Was that a swing! That was a wimpy swing!" I reached down for my knife, but decided just to go inside and call the police. So unfazed by him was I, I left my dog on the porch, and didn't close the door. When 911 ALLOWED me to go back outside, this guy was yelling all about my music. And the stupid local police were taking the bait. And it was ridiculous. The guy was yowling out indignation, when he should have been cuffed and frisked. Disgusting, right? When this was over, I sent that email to the LL. No response until prodded, and that was tepid.

Now. I have been mentioning to the LL that this place, and eyesore, needs to be painted. People come off the street asking me if they could paint it. The owner of the house did nothing. I've been here 8 years now. Nothing. Meanwhile, I have been trimming back bushes and trees, planting grass, etc., for nothing, not even a thank you. My activities spawn a flurry of competition in the neighbourhood, so people were planting things, and so on, and everyone's house is painted but this one! And when the mower of this place started throwing dog shit on the sidewalk, it took me a humiliating amount of time just to get the LL to ALLOW ME TO MOW THE PLACE FOR FREE. I spent $300 of my own money on a mower.

So, I'm taking my dog out this morning, and this Hispanic lady comes up to me, asking things. She showed me the dialogue on her cellphone, things like, "I know you," and, "The boss..." Plus, the address of this house, care of crazy old bald man downstairs. After this psychopath had accosted me, the owner and the LL agreed to put him in charge of getting the house painted. He has been buggering me from the beginning, seeking only to dominate this place, and these turkeys just reward him for it. That's how psychopaths rise to power! How is everyone so blind?! Because I spoke the truth, they are making me the problem. And I am fucking incensed. I am definitely going to sue.

Ugh! Anyway, later, I trod forth on ye trek of the day, first dropping off my rent, and then plodding with calves of tofu through the humidity. It was daunting most of the way. Some younger Hispanic female with coconuts went out of her way to say, "Hi," and I acknowledged, and she continued, "Because you're worth it. Don't you forget that!" What a cut little meme, hey? Not the sort of thing that happens around here. In fact, that was where I got attacked by a swarm of kids once. I do approve, but perhaps demure, (wrong word). Anyway.

Dropped off bags at Aldi. Got a gallon of gas. (Apparently, everything is at least 10% enthenol, and my gallon at home is 13%, but the lawn mower requires 10% or less. How I ended up w/ 13% is another story). Went into Walgreens and this cute woman with long blue hair passed, saying hi. How 'bout that? We sort of circled each other and stuff. Seems like someone to watch movies with, but can I tell you something? I don't like wide hips. I don't know why. But, ya know, blue hair is perfectly fine.

Went on to the game store, to look for DVDs. The whole reason I did this trek on a Thursday was to avail myself of their Tues/Thurs sale on DVDs. Well, that sale went the way that big cigar asteroid/spaceship - onomatopoeia? Anyway, the cashier was the same guy who's usually there. I once pegged him for an anarchist or communist or existentialist or something like that - which is a very big peg - because I saw a hole in the back of his jacket. He could afford another jacket but he didn't bother. And there were other clues.

Anyway, we got into a convo on anarchism and the times. He distinguishes himself as an anarchist who opposes force, in either direction. So, as my physiology reminded me of this friend named explosive diarrhea, I mentioned madman101, which he will be checking out. Tag name for him: game store anarchist. Wouldn't it be interesting to query him on this game-stop uprising that occurred earlier this year?

Shot off to SubWay, a toiletry oasis. I managed to have a salad before expressing myself and evacuating. Then it was on to F&F. BTW - this daunting day convinced me to give up on three ideas: 1 - Stop in at glasses store to negotiate an exam; 2 - Stop in at hospital to negotiate something to do w/ SNAP, and, 3 - Stop back in at Aldi's for tofu, mushrooms, etc.

I had forgotten to bring along my info on parts I wanted to order for my lawn mower - because I had packed in a demented fury. But, I stopped in anyway. The woman who helped me had a strange head and disposition. She went looking through internet avenues for the model of my mower, when I was telling her there was an easy way to do it. She brought out her cellphone, showing a pic of her dog, and, at least, I endeared her by asking her about her husky. It was a total loss but, as I said, at least I made a human being feel OK. PS - When I entered the store, the alarm went off, prolly because the anarchist DVDs. So, I looked for someone, and found a cute girl I've encountered before, telling her that the alarms would again go off, when I leave. She just gave me a sweet thumbs up. Contrast that alacrity with the husky head woman who was very good at chasing dead ends ad nauseum. I have a love-hate relationship with this store. There are some dooseys there.

Oh, 4 - Early on decided NOT to get two pizzas and carry them back home. So, I walked past the pizza place, and DID go into Aldi, just for a bottle of wine. And, damn it, I deserve it, even though I plan to mow tomorrow, although Saturday will also be dry, and unfettered by watchful eyes from the management company. So, I did that and headed home, BUT... I'm trekking down this alley behind a strip mall, and suddenly two completely different people need to say hi to me. On the left, there is this older woman making herself even older with a cigarette, and, after my second look, she says hi, and I rejoined. At the same time, a newer little blue car is slowing by, the driver's window opening, and this big voice booms out, "Well, hello, young man!" But, after he sees the older woman, and that I am not the person he thought I was, he sheepishly lowers the window and scoots away. But he has to stop for traffic, and I am approaching, looking at him. He gives me this backhanded 'wave'. People. In their cars. When the sun comes out. I tell ya.

Made my way home. Met my dog, still under the big bedroom table. He wanted to smell my mouth. I took him outside, and then gave him a full chicken breast, even though this means I'll probably have to take him out again tonight. I have a little frontal migraine, even before drinking, so this is treacherous. But, I am pissed. After all the words I sent her way, on the abuse from downstairs. All the words just asking to mow for free, after I had spent another $300 on this lawn, etc. And what does the psychopath garner with just shouts of complaint against me? The attention of everyone, assumed domination of the house, with nary a respectful plea, or a deference to human agency.

When I was in HS, first year, I believe, I was in an art class. I had this really nice football player sitting next to me. And there were these older class dude somehow in the center of the room, standing. One pal called the other pal, "slim." So, when slim said something to me, I just responded with nothing malevolent, calling him Slim. Then. Slim walks over to our long table. He grabs me by the hair, and tries to pick me up. To avoid pain, and premature balding, I go with it. But, at the same time, I am scanning the objects on the table. "Oh, this will do!" And I stabbed him straight in the stomach with a pencil. I instantly became famous for this. Slim got transferred to somewhere I have no idea. The art teacher grilled me like a dopey policeman, "Why did you stab him?!"

"I'm not going to let anyone pick me up by the hair!"

And, so it stands.

I have a jolly time, amidst all the grief, watching people underestimate me. I must allow for the constraints of CFS, but I am still the same person I ever was. Which is why I wonder what ever happened to that unscrupulous anarchist.

Now that game store anarchist might be reading, I should say... I have long wanted to develop an alternate economic and political system. I have not done this yet. CFS and assholes have been preventing this. But I also have so many other things I am trying to do, which can be relegated to the category of, "Entropism." I have economic posts, but another place for that is o_c_c_u_p_y.

I am sorry to say that I have not posted much on anarchism, or really other economic-political systems, to anywhere near my content. But I want to. I am severely constrained. To get some insight into some of my economic ideas, check out the writings of Jeremy Rifkin. What I want to do is get away from my current living situation, to a place where my CFS is less of an obstacle, so I can at least try to think and write more. I am keenly aware of how mortal my life is, and how little time there is for anyone to do much of anything of any significant. Most revolutionaries were sons of privilege. I am not one of these. So, I have been wasting much of my time and energy on squabblings within the mediocre rabble.

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  • And the beat goes on...

    Computer hit another brick wall - or the same one. Wheels spin and pages almost never load. I was planning on going to library today, but I am too…

  • How it shakes out.

    Another bad day, but I was able to get going by noon. Someday, I will make a graph, which will include this: 1/5th of my awake time = Able to do…

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