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I am the person who will destroy China.


What's occurring in Cuba is sad.  To once again watch people shouting for freedom, waving American flags, be silenced and consumed as they were in Hong Kong, is heart-wrenching.  Biden is being as mum as possible on this.  The administration is eager to allow millions of future Democrats to cross the border into this country, but  wants nothing to do with possible future Republicans.  So much blood on their hands.  I heard this informal speech on the latest Cuban crisis, and thought it was pretty good.  Turned out to be Marco Rubio.  But what difference does it make who says it?  Meanwhile, echo-chambers like ONTD are still witch-hunting for anyone who might have merely talked to Trump.  This insanity is tragic.  (ONTD1, ONTD 2).  Some Dems were saying these protesters were merely seeking vaccines.  In fact, they are being squeezed by a White Supremacist regime calling itself fair and taking all foreign aid for itself.  The road to hell may have been paved with good intentions but now we're here.

Watch: Marco Rubio rips Biden over silence on Cuba protests

Hundreds of violent riots in our streets - forgiven and forgotten.
Taliban executing Afghan soldiers - ignored.
China threatens to NUKE Japan - ignored.
"Defund the police!" - denied.
Relevant information before and after the election - Censored.
Trillions of dollars spent to no rational end - leading to inflation which crunches the poor - Doesn't matter.
Politicians and talking heads being paid by China - Look the other way!
Their hearts are in the right place.
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