I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

In the meantime...

Well, today I woke up with much fatigue, esp, back of brain + brain stem.  This is called a problem with neural 'gating' in the reticular system.  Although intense, my fatigue was comparable to that of a normal person, which is unusual for me.  For instance, I got the urge to yawn, and I was able to yawn, and it felt like a yawn, and it was good.  And on the third hour, I was realising that this was a relapse in progress.  I begrudgingly gave up my plan to do a long trek, but was proved right when the rest of my day became shot down by CFS.

BUT - I am hoping to go to a gas station and back, and then mow the lawn tomorrow before it rains.  That would be the best time, but Friday is also available.

Yesterday, I did several posts here and elsewhere, trying to reduce my browser's tabs.  (Not "dumping" them - because I wanted to post them in the first place).  I tried to pick up on that today, but wasn't able until an hour or two ago.  Lots more culling remains to be done.  And my browser is slowly fading away.  I can no longer bookmark anything, and my bookmarks (other than toolbar) are not even visible.  When I go on like this it means it's been a pointless day.

My main reason for posting was to let you know that a few 'political' posts might be coming up.  Some of you newer peeps might be startled that they are not posts a "Democrat" would make.  I stopped identifying with that party around 2012.  You need to know that I am not partisan.  I am a thinker.  It just so happens, apparently, that it is not the GOP this time, but it is the Democrats who are destroying the country.  Just t let you know that I still share concerns on issues along with true progressives,here are some of my (your) communities you may check out.  You don't even need a library card!

w_a_r_m_i_n_g - Yes, the atmospheres are still warming.  No matter what are causing it.

anti_viral - COVID and, what I now call, wSARS2, personal experiences, info, etc.

liberal_plus - True progressives with open minds, etc.  Also, the real proof is in my posts over at bernie2016.

o_c_c_u_p_y - Remember when Dems were against global corporatism?

wiki_truth - In the spirit of Snowden, Assange, Manning, etc. Pro-privacy and independent thought.

healthy_planet - Personal health, global health, and the relationships between the two!

eco_altrnatives - Progress!  New inventions, discoveries and insights towards solving problems and moving ahead.

brds_and_fishes - Interested in strange occurances and extinctions of species here on Earth.  I am thinking of expanding this.

Lots of others, just waiting to be kissed by frogs.  OK, I need to go to sleep, I believe.  I just tried to restore my bookmarks and now ALL of my toolbar stuff is gone, lol!  Here are three interesting things...

Four-day Week 'an Overwhelming Success' in Iceland
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