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Yesterday evenish, I pulled out a health supplement which I have ignored for a long time, Alpha Lipoic Acid.  It's a nutrient with antioxidative properties.  I stopped taking it because ti is too acidic.  (Same deal with Malic Acid, which is a great energiser, exp. for people w/ CFS).  But, this time, I took it w/ a good amount of baking soda.  It really helped hit the spot, alleviating much of the "brain congestion," and so lessening associated symptoms.  (When I woke up this morning, I was hella brain-fatigued - so Idk if this is an after effect or just normal CFS).

So, immediately, I thought, "This will help Alzheimers!"  I suspect that people w/ CFS may get tangled plaque in their brains.  Necropsies show tiny dots - punctate lesions - in the white matter of people w/ CFS.  But, maybe not.  Even if this supplement isn't addressing plaque in the brain, it is acting as an antioxidant, against various toxins that develop from yeast, etc., like acetaldyhide.  (There are other things going on, mainly a barrage of toxic cytokines).  So, I was sure it would help w/ Alzheimers, as well as w/ CFS.  Sure enough -

This is an example of something I discovered on my own, but after others had discovered it.  This sort of thing is not infrequent.  And, I like to record them.  I do this because people think I have no life! lol  AND, I am also interested in how ideas spread.  And there are at least four ways.  Anyway.  Here are two other of my discoveries, which actually happened BEFORE other people discovered them, or at least officially.

Years ago, I had the idea of shaping hot dogs to fit on hamburger buns.  But, then the question, "Wouldn't that just be a balogne sandwich?"  Well, not necessarily.  Anyway, someone came up with the idea recently, and is now marketing these things.  I'm sure thousands of people have had the same idea before this, though, because it's so obvious.  And, nobody's selling hamburgers shaped like brats yet, but maybe they are, or they will be soon.  I've had a few other sandwich ideas.  I forgot to mention my Independence Day Tacos for you to make recently but I am guessing that your holiday didn't suffer much because of this.

Let's see, what was the other example....  Boy, I can't remember that one, but it all goes under the same tag...
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