I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

cricket poem

Hey - here's more about the cricket poem...

sugarplanet: damnit
sugarplanet: is the person famous? this is going to drive me crazy
madman101: YES
madman101: VERY
sugarplanet: the only reference I can think about is the year 1
sugarplanet: and christ
sugarplanet: but christ didn't die in 1
sugarplanet: like in 35
sugarplanet: give or take
sugarplanet: and it is AD
sugarplanet: so I guess 1
sugarplanet: is right
madman101: OK - did you get MAD then?
sugarplanet: isn't it sad christ died in 1
sugarplanet: in the poem?
sugarplanet: well I see it now
madman101: yes
madman101: ok....M.A.D. right?
sugarplanet: right
madman101: so - that used up the dots - now forget the dots
madman101: forget mad
madman101: for now
sugarplanet: ok
madman101: so - the dot after M means nothing
sugarplanet: ok
madman101: ok....
madman101: and - the dif cases of the two m's means nothing...
sugarplanet: lol, I have no idea where you're going with this
madman101: how many m's?
sugarplanet: two
sugarplanet: 2000!!!
madman101: so...
madman101: yes!
sugarplanet: I thought so!
madman101: yep first two letters + last two letters is the year 2000
madman101: and what does M.A.D, stand for?
madman101: hey?
sugarplanet: what?
sugarplanet: I'm thinking? is it literary?
madman101: no political
sugarplanet: or celebrity?
madman101: no
madman101: a cold war term
sugarplanet: lol
sugarplanet: I'm so drawing a blank here
madman101: mutually....
madman101: assured....
madman101: destruction
sugarplanet: I was about to say that!!
madman101: i don't doubt it
sugarplanet: well the destruction part anyway
sugarplanet: hee
madman101: so - it means that in the year 2ooo - some big calamity occurs or occured - and the cricket died
sugarplanet: yeah I'm thinking of who died in 2002
sugarplanet: 2000
madman101: no one - it's symbolic
sugarplanet: just the cold war?
madman101: first two letters of cricket?
sugarplanet: cr
madman101: who's cr?
sugarplanet: costa rica?
madman101: cristi - christ
madman101: ha
sugarplanet: lol
sugarplanet: ok I totally wasn't going in that direction
madman101: christ is the cricket
sugarplanet: yeah I think of the sport
sugarplanet: sue me
madman101: ha!
madman101: well - want further in depth?
sugarplanet: yes go on
madman101: ok - in the year 2000 - the Platonic age was supposed to end - suggesting an end to christianity
sugarplanet: ohhhh
sugarplanet: but the millenium doesn't end until 2001
madman101: and there was no war - but there was the world trade center NEAR 2000
sugarplanet: yes there was
madman101: it had two towers - like the two milleniums
sugarplanet: got'cha
madman101: so - the end of the cricket's sweet chirping
madman101: whatever
sugarplanet: aw
madman101: it was an idea
sugarplanet: that's deep
madman101: i know
sugarplanet: lol, it's really really deep
sugarplanet: so deep it's hard to figure out
madman101: so - free jelly beans!
sugarplanet: lol
madman101: that's the way i wanted it
sugarplanet: yeah understandable
madman101: as i said to ash - when i wrote that, i was trying to write poems on dif levels of deepness
sugarplanet: ohhh
madman101: and i tried to condense that concept into the smallest poem possible!
madman101: so ok
sugarplanet: yeah totally
madman101: we're done
sugarplanet: yes we are
madman101: fun?
sugarplanet: total
madman101: i'm glad - i knew you'd like it!
sugarplanet: yeah I enjoy stuff like that
madman101: yep - hurray!
sugarplanet: huzzah even
sugarplanet: I'm so in the mood to go to a ren fest
madman101: a what?
sugarplanet: renaissance festival
madman101: yeah - do it!
sugarplanet: none going on right now
sugarplanet: there's one I usually go to in march
sugarplanet: I'm dressing up as a pirate wench maybe
sugarplanet: if I do there'll be pictures
madman101: well - we'll have to see you in march then
madman101: wow!
sugarplanet: I know
madman101: hey des..
sugarplanet: I'm totally afraid of the camera
sugarplanet: yeah?
madman101: no!
madman101: hey!
sugarplanet: yeah?
madman101: where's your pic for my post!!!!
sugarplanet: I haven't read all of my comments yet
sugarplanet: I'll post it chill out dude
sugarplanet: i'll get to it by tomorrow
sugarplanet: it's really late and I have to get up
madman101: ha ha - anyway - d'ya s'pose i can post this chat???
sugarplanet: no probs
madman101: great - i too must go - so - until our next puzzle - ta ta!
sugarplanet: laters

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