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I am the person who will destroy China.

Attention: Walmart Singers

The contagion continues...

Texans Spontaneously Sing National Anthem In Walmart
On Saturday, the day before America’s Independence day, Texans in a Haslet, Texas Walmart joined a woman who had started spontaneously singing the national anthem as she stood under a giant American flag, with the crowd breaking into cheers when they had finished.

(Daily Wire article which also manages to skewer NPR).

Meanwhile, in the North:

How many were killed in the Boston Massacre?
How many were killed in the Valentine's Day Massacre?
How many were killed in Chicago over the holiday weekend?
and at least 119 shot.
(57 arrested in illegal fireworks and dumpster fire riot in the Loop - dozens of illegal guns confiscated)

Chicago, ILLINOIS, has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.  Which is why criminals with illegal guns are targeting helpless people, who have no one around to help them.  And the argument is to completely ban assault weapons, because they are WAR weapons.  At the same, the same people say that these War weapons would be useless for use against tanks and bomms and F15s and missiles and NUKES, such as those used by this government.  So, they must be banned because they are war weapons, although they are useless in war.
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