"a killing field for hypotheses" (madman101) wrote,
"a killing field for hypotheses"

Ma tete's a bit on me

The consequences of recent events - (that sounds like the declaration) - has left my brain in a twist.  A difficult day.  However, I worked up to mowing the lawn, which also involves carrying the mower up and down steps.  The lawn really should be mowed tomorrow, before the rain, but this is good enough.  I've got the heighth set at 2.75 inches, which is about twice as high as everybody else sets their around here.  A mowed the lawn contiguous to this one - too short - and there is a line with his dead yellow grass on one side and my dark healthy lawn on the other.  However, there was serious damaged one on the slope, so I've got some grass seed ready to go.

For dinner, I had steamed salmon, pre-seasoned, and some great broccoli.  I can never eat fish without giving him some.  Speaking of him...  He has been confined to the bedroom for something like 2 weeks or something.  (It's air-conditioned, and I take him outside 3-4 times a day).  I've been giving him water in measured amounts.  all of this to end his sudden habit of pissing all over my apartment.  Well, today, I decided to let him eat his dinner in the kitchen.  The next time I looked at him, the dinner was done, but guess what was all over the kitchen floor?  Argh!!

OK, brain is in pain, and so I must be on my way, possibly to watch, "Independence Day," on good authority.  I decided to retaliate in no way against the psychopath downstairs, because tomorrow the LL will respond to my email.  Hypothetically.
Tags: crazy bald guy downstairs, holidays - fourth of july, my dogs - king

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