I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

i want a place where i can have goats doing the mowing

I may be derelect for a few days. Transitioning to mowing mode.

Not without prodding, my LL relented, and agreed to let me do the mowing here. She was afraid my illness would get in the way of me keepign the grass within city ordinance. I told her that, now that I am no longher treking to Aldi, etc., I need some controlled exertion because, even if it causes relapse, it raises my tolerance overall. And stress is different, because it burns out the centre of my brainiverse, and that causes longer-lasting issues.

So, that twat that pissed and kissed me off last week, leading to this week-long relapse, can eat my shorts, ha, ha, HA. And now these dilwad machomaniac dorks around here, who assume mowership = ownership, will suddenly observe that I have become a REAL MAN, lol. If these men were poptarts, their filling would be bull farts.

I have to spend this even emailing for a mowing machine. I would prefer a mulcher-mower, but not likely. Since I will pay $50 to have it delivered, I will end up paying at least $200, for something that will probably break down.

Depending on when I can have that delivered, I will be trekking to F&F to buy a gas can, and then to a Gas Station to fill it up. Then I will walk home, exploding at some point. Remind me to tell you the story of a great mulcher-mower I once knew, which was stolen from me by an actual Antifa communist. It's true. They can't be trusted.

Computer/net turned out to be insanely slow, so I haven't moved on the mower yet. Question: Should I get a self-propelled mower? (If I do, it will be used). My concern is that the movement can't be controlled? I'll get one that mulches. It would be nice to have a bag, but they can limit one's steps, which would be endlessly annoying. Any comments/suggestions on lawn mowers?

A package will be delivered tomorrow - must wait for it. So, logistics still up in the air.

PS - THE most retarded site was LJ - I don't know why that is. As I did other things, the wheel just spun and spun, ad infinitum, and cookies weren't even being set. So, it is just by some freak abnormality that I am able to log in and post now.

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